Add catches

You can use the Add catches page to quickly update multiple traps.

  • Set the date for the updates you want to make.
  • If you only want to update some traps in your project, you can narrow down the selection by specifying a line or trap type (eg. only show A12 traps on the ridgeline).
  • In the grey box, you can select default values for the update (eg. all updates are for rats, the trap was sprung and has been rebaited with cheese).
  • Click "Apply" and you will see a table will appear showing the traps you specified.
  • Update the details for each trap and click "Save".  If you wish you can override the default values you set above (eg. maybe one trap wasn't rebaited).
  • The rows will turn green to show that the records have been created for the listed traps.
  • If you have made a mistake you can simply change the values of the appropriate record and click "Save" again.   You can also delete individual records or edit them to add more details to the such as trap condition or notes.