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Photo: Don Ravine, Groundtruth Ltd

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2033 active project groups have added 1687795 records
143927 total pests killed this year (2217 this week)
6334 (176) Mustelids
72983 (898) Rats
16905 (289) Possums
10782 (313) Hedgehogs
37423 (541) Other

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1.   Set up or join an existing project

Register now, enter a little background information about your project, mark out the area using the online map and you're done.

Or, if you're interested in joining an existing project, simply click on "other projects" and request membership of a project in your area.

2.   Enter trap and bait station data

Enter traps and bait stations directly, or add a “line” first and then traps / bait stations to it. Once you have entered them the first time, simply add catches to your traps each time you check them and mark out the area using the online map.

3.   Generate reports

Produce simple maps of the numbers of kills of different pest species – identifying where the “hotspots” are. You can also produce simple summary tables of kills in easily exportable reports.

If you have an existing spreadsheet, database etc of your data, contact us – we may be able to upload this directly into the system for you.