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Project name Description Links Group
1309 Otaki Gorge 8 Ha bush life style block, North side of the Otaki River access by private suspension bridge. Request membership
2G2 Block Request membership
31-73 Kaiatea Road Kaiatea Land Care Group is a group of neighbors who are committed to sustainable land management and biodiversity initiatives within our rural community of Kaiatea. Request membership
33 Te Henga Request membership
3408B Coast Road Request membership
35 Beachville Road Request membership
5 Onehuka Rd hillside, bush, garden Request membership
68 Hankey Street, Mt Cook, Predator Free Request membership
76a Old Hospital Road Been trapping for 10ys in the same location. 2xDOC Stoat traps (no kills ever) 3xTimms Traps. Several hundred opossoms...very rarely catch any now. 1xRat Station. Bait rarely gets taken now. 1xLive Rat Trap...only caught one and that got away because I hadn't secured the gate correctly! 2x spring loaded rat traps...never caught any. 2x mice spring traps. Catch mice on a regular basis. I do wonder if that is taking food away from the moreporks though? Request membership
Adah Reserve Community Trapping Project Newly establishing predator control initiative within Adah reserve. Request membership
Alpine Bird Song Bush and Reserve areas adjacent to Fernhill and Sunshine Bay suburbs of Queenstown Request membership
Aongatete Forest Project Request membership
Aorangi Restoration Project Request membership
Apiti Bait station network Request membership
Aramoana Various traps in the Aramoana area of Otago Request membership
Arcadia Reserve Predator Control Rat and Possum control under a pulsing (4x a year) system. Request membership
Arch Hill Scenic Reserve Request membership
Aroha Island Aroha Island is a 12ha sanctuary in the Kerikeri Inlet and is a short 12km drive north east of Kerikeri, in the stunning Bay of Islands. A causeway links the island to the mainland, providing permanent and convenient vehicle access. It is a natural haven with a wide diversity of New Zealand plants and birds including the rare North Island Brown Kiwi. Request membership
Aro School Request membership
Arthurs Point, Queenstown One Tims trap for possums. One DOC 200 box trap for stoats, etc Request membership
Atawai Request membership
Atiwhakatu Valley Trapping Project Deploying Good Nature A24 traps to control rats and mice, over an area hopefully to reach 1,000 hectares. Request membership
Awamoa Orchard Request membership
Awaruku Wetland Awaruku Wetland, Long Bay is a wetland that is newly established as part of the Long Bay residential development. This habitat creation is home to many coastal and wetland birds and we hope to increase their number and diversity. Request membership
Baring Head Request membership
Battle for the Banded Rail Request membership
Bayview Living Neighbourhood Project A community project to restore Bayview's green spaces to sustainable, healthy, living ecosystems and reconnect local people with the natural environment. Request membership
Baywaters Lane Request membership
Bear Forest Pest Patrol Request membership
Bellbirds Trapping pests in Wellington's Central Park Request membership
Birds Delight Cat traps will be set in the area designated and checked daily. Rat stations will be set up closer to the house and workshop. Request membership
Birdwood Rat Trapping intensive trapping in Birdwood Reserve & adjacent areas Request membership
Birkdale Salisbury Verbena Special Ecological Area Restoration Request membership
Birkenhead War Memorial Park Rat Blitz Rat control and subsequent possum control as part of the Pest Free Kaipatiki Predator Blitz Request membership
Blackpool Residents Association Approx Blackpool catchment Request membership
BlackSheepFarm-Pest Control Supporting Waipu Kiwis Request membership
Blowhard Bush Kaweka Forest Park Request membership
Bobs Cove and Closeburn Community trapping work in the Bobs Cove and Closeburn Areas Request membership
Boggy Pond, Wairarapa Moana Trapping around wetlands to protect bittern, spotless crake and other wetland species. Request membership
Bothamley Park Bothamley Park Request membership
Bowenvale Predator-Free Request membership
Bowlands Bowlands Request membership
Brackenfield Request membership
Bream Head Restoration Request membership
Bream Tail Farm CPCA 460ha community pest control area at Mangawhai Request membership
Brett Request membership
Bring back the birds This project covers the Coronet Peak ski area linking into the Predator Free Arrowtown catchment at the north edge of the ski area boundary and extending south to Skippers saddle along the Rude Rock cycle trail. The trap lines will focus on existing trails, access ways and ridge lines sectioned into 5 lines using 55 traps spaced approx 200m apart. Request membership
'Bring back the Robin' Request membership
Bring on the Birds, Gore Bay A community led project to protect and enhance our local biodiversity by involving young and old in our predator trapping and educational activities and having fun in nature Request membership
Brynderwyns - Glen Mohr Rd We are a group of four neighbours controlling possums, rats and stoats in the Brynderwyn Ranges south of Whangarei. Our project started in 2015 when we noticed how many Norway rats were in the area and we were also keen to control stoats to support the kiwi releases at Marunui. Northland Regional Council were very generous with their support and supplied most of our pest control gear. Request membership
Buffalo Biodiversity Request membership
Bushy Point Restoration Project Bushy Point Restoration project that consists of planting, pond creation, trapping, walkway, interpretation. The planting is over a 14 hectare area with around 90 hectares of trapping in adjacent DOC land. The project is managed by the Otatara Landcare Group - Request membership
Canterbury Spotted Skink Predator trapping for protection of Canterbury Spotted Skink (Oligosoma lineocellatum) at Orana Wildlife Park Request membership
Cape to City Cape to City is a wide scale predator control and ecological restoration project over 26,000ha of land between Hastings and Cape Kidnappers, extending southwards to include Waimarama and forest remnants at Kahuranaki. The project is a collaboration of Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, Department of Conservation, Landcare Research and the Cape Sanctuary with funding support from the Aotearoa Foundation to deliver multiple milestones in pest control, habitat restoration, community engagement, education, species reintroduction and research. Request membership
Cardrona Alpine Resort The entire Cardrona Alpine Resort area, including access road, is to be covered with a comprehensive trapping programme as part of our effort to protect the native Karearea with which we share our Maunga. Request membership
Carlow Grove A few possum and rat traps. Request membership
Carters Scenic Reserve this is the Carter Scenic reserve trapping line, that goes around the whole reserve. Request membership
Cashmere Predator-Free A backyard trapping initiative in the suburb of Cashmere, on the peri-urban fringe of Christchurch city, supplying traps towards a Predator Free Port Hills and Cashmere. Target species: opossum, rat, mustelids e.g. stoat. To join, please "Register" for this website and "Request membership" for the Cashmere project. In the request comment, describe your set-up work that will be added to the data map here; with editor right, then add more trap and catch details as they occur: a record of trap results is important to monitor and control pest species. Help to bring back our native birds, lizards, amphibians, insects and bats. Kia ora taatou, kia kaha - careful and conscious, humane 'happy trapping'. Welcome. - Cashmere Predator-Free Request membership
Cat-Ass-Trophy Live trapping of feral cats, potential to expand to kill trapping of rats. Planting to encourage bird life. Request membership
Charlie's Angels - town belt care Town belt near MacAlister Park focussing on ridge above Finnimore St Request membership
Claremont Bush - Timaru Predator Control Trapping in Claremont Bush. Request membership
Clarke Valley Clarke Valley trapping Request membership
Clutha river bank One stoat trap One rat trap One opossum trap Request membership
Codys Traps Doc 200 trap. Caught Ferret April 2018. Tims Trap also set. Rat Bait Stations. Request membership
CompostBin DOC200 trap next to compost bin Request membership
Coprosma Crescent 1 x Doc 200 trap at present, with the hope of at least another 2 along the top of the gulley. Request membership
cornwallis beach DOC200 traps Cornwallis Beach Request membership
Coromandel Kiwi Project Request membership
Corrondella Corrondella community, managing shared bushland Request membership
Corstorphine bush wee patch of regenerating bush in a gully Request membership
Cosgrove Creek Restoration Project Cosgrove Creek on the Catlins coast is managed as part of the of the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust Long Point / irahuka Reserve network. Owned by the Trust, it is designated as a Scientific Reserve and is a little over 10ha in size. The Long Point / Irahuka reserve network is focused in the short to medium term on restoring the habitat for yellow-eyed penguins and other seabird species. The longer term goal is to restore the coastal shrublands and forest and associated fauna. Key project partners in the reserve conservation work are the Dunedin & South Otago branches of Forest & Bird. They have an active role in both the trapping and also specific sea bird conservation initiatives as part of their wider Otago coastal project "Bring back the Seabirds". Request membership
Craters of the Moon Trust Trapping line operated by Craters of the Moon Trust around the Craters of the Moon Thermal area and also the Huka Falls Car Park. Request membership
Crofton Downs Predator Free Community Request membership
Cross Creek Incline Walkway Possum trapping using Timms traps Request membership
Dallinghoe Crescent Request membership
Dolphin Divers Possum trapping near Ferndale. Request membership
Domain Road Halo Eskdale reserve halo - Launching November 2017 as part of the Kaipatiki wide predator blitz. Starting with rats. Free traps available to the first people that register interest. Request membership
Dominion Stream Request membership
Dotterel Defenders Rahotu Trap network in dunes for protection of nesting NZ dotterel and other native shorebirds Request membership
Dotterels Aotea 2 Lines of Traps - Western Line 25 Traps, Eastern Line 9 Traps Traps are managed by the Aotea community. The aim is to protect the spit on the north side of Aotea Harbour from predators, enabling the safe nesting/breeding of Dotterel, to increase their population. Request membership
Dountless Bay Landcare Request membership
Drift Bay Queenstown Request membership
D.R Trapperz private property Request membership
Dry Bush Huntsbury 5 x Goodnature A12 and 13 x DOC 200 traps Request membership
Ecozip Adventures 150 Trig Hill Road Onetangi Waiheke Island Auckland 1081 Request membership
EMEP Black-billed gull Northern side of the Tukituki River mouth Request membership
Eskdale Reserve Trapping Eskdale Reserve, Birkdale, Kaipaitiki Board area, Auckland City. Incorporates coastal harbour edge, lowland broadleaf forest, swamp (including Auckland's largest swamp Maire stand), ridgeline gum lands and Kauri. Request membership
Faraday Rise Sections on Faraday Rise, and on Faraday Reserve. Request membership
Farewell Spit Stoats Possums Rats and Pigs Request membership
Fawcett Rd Request membership
Fernglen Rat bait stations, 21 Ambush. Timms Traps, 6 Request membership
Five Mile Bay, Taupo Northern Five Mile Bay, Taupo Request membership
Flagstaff Request membership
Forest & Bird Manor Park Restoration Project The Manor Park restoration project was initiated by Old Blue recipient Russell Bell. Lower Hutt Branch is working to establish an eco corridor across the Hutt Valley at Silverstream (See Eco corridors) We have permission to clear weeds and plant on the northern end of the Manor Park Golf Course, KiwiRail land, and some riverside land administered by Greater Wellington. A new thrust at the Park has been the introduction of intensive pest control. Because of the large amount of grass present, there is a healthy mouse population that exploit the annual production of grass seed in the Autumn. Also we know that there are about 10 rats per hectare in a place like Manor Park, giving about thirty rats present at any time. Bait stations have been placed on a grid roughly 20 metres by 20 metres using Brodifacoum, and this seems to be working well. Progress can be measured using tracking tunnels. The Lower Hutt Branch purchased bait and traps from Greater Wellington Regional Council and received good support from Hutt City Council. With appropriate pest control of rats and mustelids, there is a desire to re-introduce skinks back to the area. One of a number of highlights at Manor Park was its dubbing as an unofficial skink sanctuary! In short, a proposed sub­division at Kelson saw us put in a formal submission to the developer, that included the request for a herpetological survey be done at the site before the bulldozers moved in. The survey, to be done by the professional lizard experts EcoGecko, used a hundred pitfall traps over two weeks. This produced 63 skinks (a third gravid) of two species, being the Common Skink (Oligosoma polychroma) and the Copper Skink (Cyclodina aenea). The Department of Conservation considered the pest control work being done at the park was enough to allow the skinks to start a new life in the safety of Manor Park, where, along with rat and mouse control, twelve hedgehogs are now resting in their hedgehog heaven! Request membership
Foxhill Farm predator control 600 acres with remnant bush areas Request membership
Friends of A’Deane’s Bush Long term eco-restoration of flora and fauna of A'Deane's Bush and surrounding area. This includes predator control with 50 traps within the bush and 45 traps in the halo - effectively trapping close to 1000ha now. Rats are controlled through a bait station grid. Old mans beard is controlled annually, locally sourced and grown natives are used to revegetate the area around the Bush, and native species are surveyed annually to see the response to predator control. Tititipounamu /Rifleman, which have been locally extinct for many years, have been re-introduced to the Bush and are establishing a population there. Request membership
Friends of Dene Court Reserve Friends of Dene Court Reserve provides a range of opportunities for you to be involved in pest and weed control The emphasis is on having fun and learning more about our special places and species in our local reserve. Request membership
Friends of Hekerua Project includes DOC ALLOT 111 Waiheke Parish SO 44838 DOC 535/ 'Goodwin Reserve'. AC Ocean View Accessway, Ocean View Plantation Reserve and Burrell Rd-Ocean View Accessway. Also includes neighbourhood group properties. Request membership
Friends of the Blade Volunteers creating an initial 90 Ha pest free zone in the Kaimai mamaku SFP at the western end of Whakamarama Road around the area known as The Blade. Currently using Warrior and Sentinel possum traps, Philproof economy rat bait stations and DOC 250 mustelid traps along with 2 Fenn Mark 4 and 4 Mk 6 Mustelid traps under Philproof covers. Request membership
Friends of Whatipu Predator Control FOW Trapping Area Request membership
Gammons Kiwi recovery project Predator control programme for the protection of Kiwi. Request membership
Gatekeepers Trapping 1 Doc Box traps and 2 Tims Traps. Possums Rats Mice Stoats. Caught more Stoats and Rats than possums Request membership
Gerontius Reserve Gerontius Reserve is a small forest fragment with stream that is accessible from Gerontius Glade, Torbay. There are some large trees including kahikatea, puriri and kohekohe. The area also contains banded kokopu, eels on occasion, kereru, tui, shining cuckoo, ruru, rata and silver fern. This is an upper tributary of the Deep Creek catchment. Request membership
Gill Ave Stream and Wetland Restoration Request membership
Glenfern Sanctuary Request membership
Golden Bay beach patons to Onekaka Request membership
Golden Bay - Motupipi Hill Motupipi Hill is a 48 hectare block of land between Pohara and Takaka. The Rata-Tui Restoration Trust purchased this land in 2010 for the purpose of forest restoration and recreation. Request membership
Greendale Reserve there are 10 X DOC 200 traps placed throughout the reserve Request membership
Gribblehurst Park Gribblehirst Park Request membership
Hadfield and Island Bay Rat Free Community Group Halo project for predator control around Hadfield St and Island Bay. Also includes predator control ongoing within reserves. Request membership
Hancock Forest Management - Whanui Project Request membership
Harkness Rice Way Private property - 2 hectares native bush Request membership
Harper Delta Trapping for Nesting Braided River Birds Traps set up during braided river bird nesting season, and monitored and cleared by Trustpower generation staff during routine rounds. Trapps are the DoC 2000 traps and Timms Traps, which were donated by Braided River Aid (BRaid). Request membership
Harris Road Landcare Harris Road Landcare Area Request membership
Harvey Street Gully Currently 7 DOC 200 traps sponsored by WSP Opus and managed by Nick Green and Hamish Crawford. Another Predator Free Taupo project. Request membership
Hauai CPCA Request membership
Haumer Project Request membership
Head street traps 37 Head Street, Sumner Request membership
Herald Island Bringing Back the Birds – a ‘Predator and Weed Free Herald Island’ Since 2006, Auckland environmental groups have been working towards improving the North-West Wildlink, a green corridor for native birds and wildlife between the Hauraki Gulf and the Waitakere Ranges. The Upper Harbour Local Board has generously funded the Herald Island Environmental Group to carry out a Predator and Weed Free Herald Island project that aims to ‘Bring Back the Birds’ to our section of the North-West Wildlink. The funds will be used to help private residents address three issues that affect native bird populations: (a) rat control (b) invasive weed control and (c) local native plant numbers. Request membership
Heslip Covenant HVA 15 A12 possum traps and 50 Rat / Stoat raps over approx. 13 ha Request membership
HFM NZ Waipu Forest - Kiwi predator control project (Piroa-Brynderwyn Landcare) The boundary of the forest is indicative only but borders Marunui Conservation to the south, Glenmohr and Massey to the North and Cullen Rd to the east. The project is part of the Piroa-Brynderwyn Landcare (PBL). Request membership
Hinahina Reserve Trapping in the SE corner of the Hinahina Reserve where Yellow-eyed Penguins regularly nest. Request membership
Hinepango Wetlands Hinepango Wetlands has trap lines either side of the unique wetlands, from Wairau Diversion northwards across Flaxmill Drive and Rarangi Beach Road and on to Port Underwood Road. Request membership
Holland Reserve Rat Blitz Candidate for care under the Pest Free Kaipatiki Predator Blitz 2017. Starting with Rat control Request membership
Hollister Project 150C Trig Hill Road Onetangi Waiheke Island Auckland 1081 Request membership
Home Tims and Rat traps Request membership
Honeymoon Valley Landcare Trust Request membership
Huatoki 218 218 Huatoki St,6541sq.mtrs apprx, Trust.Property plus stream verge. 3 Timms Possum Traps 5 Rat Tunnels 2 DOC 200 1 Live Cage Trap Request membership
Huatoki St 2 x traps Request membership
Huber's Farm Rat, Possum, Stoat control. Bait stations, traps and shooting. Request membership
Huiroa Domain A tawa dominated bush remnant. Request membership
Hukanui Pest Eradication Request membership
Inglis Bush Community Trust Inglis Bush Scenic Reserve Request membership
Ivy Bank Farm 10 Ha of regen Request membership
Iwi Kiwi Waitangi • Iwi kiwi aims to coordinate conservation efforts within our area of action while enhancing our social-economic environment. • The area covered of about 5000 ha already has conservation management in place in some areas (DOC, Waitangi Trust, Northland Forestry Managers) • The high cultural, historical and ecological value of the Bay of Islands provides us with the opportunity to showcase how well we can integrate tourism with protecting all native taonga who live here. Sir Bledisloe’s vision for his gift was sustainability. This is already achieved with forestry, tourism and recreational activities. Once we have reached a satisfying level of pest control, and our efforts are rewarded by an increase in the number of native wildlife monitored, we aim to help develop a Kiwi Crèche, in partnership with Iwi, Waitangi Trust and DOC. • Iwi Kiwi is Tangata Whenua led, embracing the strong connection of hapu to this land. • Like the woven strains of a kete, we collaborate with neighbouring groups to make us stronger in the battle against invasive pests. We are part of the Kiwi Coast and Mid North Alliance, connecting with other groups to create safe wildlife corridors and share best practices. Request membership
Jacks Point Queenstown Request membership
John Street Reserve Request membership
Jollies Bush Volunteer support for Christchurch City Council rangers trapping programme. Request membership
JS Trapping, Monk Road Block Privately owned land managing possums, rats and mustelids Request membership
JS Trapping, Waipu Golf Club Possum, rabbit and mustelid control Request membership
Kahunui Pest Control Scheme Request membership
Kai Iwi Lakes Pest Control Pest Control Programme to control Possums, Rodents, Stoats, Ferrets, Weasels and Feral Cats Request membership
Kaimamaku Landcare Group Request membership
Kaipupu Point Sounds Wildlife Sanctuary Kaipupu Point Sounds Wildlife Sanctuary has been created over the last 10 years to protect and enhance our special New Zealand wildlife. Hundreds of volunteers have pulled together since 2005 to restore this headland of coastal bush and establish access. Firstly, in 2008, a specially constructed fence was built to keep out all of introduced animal pests. This fence creates the 40 hectare ‘mainland island’ of Kaipupu Point Sounds Wildlife Sanctuary. A 2.8 km track was constructed encircling the Sanctuary. A jetty and pontoon and landing area (the only access to the Sanctuary) have been built in Shakespeare Bay. The Sanctuary is always open, and is a short boat ride from Picton. Any water vessels can drop visitors off at the jetty. There is no entrance fee to go into the Sanctuary. If you don't have access to a boat, the water transport operators on the foreshore of Picton can help get you there. Request membership
Kaitake Ranges Conservation Trust Request membership
Kaitoke School rat trapping Kaitoke School, Great Barrier Request membership
Kakepuku Mt Conservation Project Mt Kakepuku is conical volcano situated between Mt Pirongia and Mt Maungatautari. It has approximately 200 hectare of cover from mature forest to regeneration pastoral land. There is 200 bait stations, 55 Goodnature A24's, 2 Goodnature A12's and 5 lines of rat monitoring tunnels. The Project has been going since 1999. There was a North Island Robin release in 1999 and they are still present today. Request membership
Kapawiti Kaitiaki Request membership
Kapayapaan farm Request membership
Kapiti Airport Drain To Trap Vermon from near by Airport Rain water drain. Request membership
Kapiti Coast Penguin Project This project aims to support penguins on the Kapiti Coast from Pukerua Bay to the Waikanae River by placing nesting boxes along the coast. Request membership
Kapiti Project. Request membership
Kāpiti Rat Pack Home gardens and reserves from Paraparaumu to Pekapeka. Request membership
KAPOW Community trapping work in the Arthurs Point Request membership
Karamu Inventory Request membership
Karioi Backyard Hub - Whaingaroa Whaingaroa landowners are now able to get involved with the Karioi project by trapping in their own backyard! Request membership
Karioi Project - Raglan The Karioi – Maunga ki te Moana: Mountain to the Sea project is a community led conservation project, run in partnership with A Rocha Aotearoa New Zealand, Te Whakaoranga O Karioi, Whaingaroa Environment Centre, members of the local hapu, the Department of Conservation, Waikato Regional Council and the Whaingaroa Community. OUR PROJECT VISION Restored biodiversity from Maunga ki te Moana (Mountain to the Sea). OUR PROJECT MISSION Active conservation through engaging communities, providing environmental education and having sustainable partnerships. Request membership
Katikara Eco Community 65 Acres adjoining Egmont National Park, 2/3 in regenerating bush. Original rimu forest logged in 1906. Request membership
Katikati pest control This is the Eastern river bank of the Uretara Stream where it meets the Tauranga Harbour. Request membership
Kelvin Heights Queenstown Request membership
Kennedy Park & Rahopara Pa Request membership
Kereru School Request membership
Kerikeri - Access Rd Predator Control Pest control to protect kiwi and other native species in a semi-urban area. Project area 5 hectares. Request membership
Kerikeri Peninsula Pest Control Kerikeri Peninsula Pest Control involves landowners from Opito Bay westward to Rangitane, and north to Crowles Bay on the Kerikeri Peninsula, incorporating Ake Ake Reserve, Rangitane Reserve, and private lands in between. This project has been established to restore biodiversity values on 1200 hectares of public and private land on the Kerikeri Peninsula. Request membership
Kerikeri - Puketotara Catchment CPCA Pest control of 6000 HA by landowners. Protection of kiwi and other native species. Request membership
King Edward Park and Carrington Walkway DOC200 Predator traps targeting rats and mustelids. Request membership
Kingston Request membership
Kiwi Life Request membership
Kiwi North Pest Patrol Kiwi North is the home of the Whangarei Museum, nocturnal kiwi house and Victorian heritage buildings, as well as a number of local clubs and societies. The total land area is 25ha, and is comprised of farmland and native volcanic broadleaf forest. As well as species that are frequently seen on the site, such as kukupa (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) and tui (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae), kiwi have occasionally been heard in the area since early 2016. A possible kiwi footprint was also found on the site in mid-2016 however this was not confirmed. Due to the proximity to Pukenui forest and other areas protected by the Pukenui Western Hills Forest Trust (including Barge Showgrounds), it is likely that uncommon and/or threatened species such as spotless crake (Porzana tabuensis) and long-tailed bats (Chalinolobus tuberculatus) are at least occasional visitors to the site. Request membership
Kohatu Toa Project to control rats, stoats and possums in the 100 acres of Kohatu Toa Ecovillage Request membership
Kohinui Stream Landcare Request membership
Korokoro Environmental Group Starting on our journey, a fantastic suburb on the western hills of the Hutt Valley. Wonderful community and people. Beautiful bush, reserves, valley and stream. Native fauna is under attack from pests including rodents and some mustelids. We do pest monitoring in the Korokoro Valley to inform the pest management activity by the Greater Wellington Regional Council. Now we want to increase the suburban defence for native species. and on facebook Request membership
Kukuwai Third biggest wetland of its type in the Tasman region. Cat proof fence is around 7+ hectares of the wet land. 15000 native plant species recently planted around the buffer zone of the wetland. So far 50+ traps of various types located in this area with plan of extending this trap line. Traps are targeting possums, rats, mustilid and hedgehogs. Request membership
Kumutoto A bicultural restoration project for a fragment forest which is part of the town belt Request membership
Lake Cameron Request membership
Lake Hayes Predator Free Lake Hayes Predator Free is a group of passionate locals volunteering their time to help eradicate invasive predators in the Lake Hayes area in order to protect and support our native wildlife. The main target species are stoat, rat and hedgehog. Request membership
Lake Rotopounamu - Mt Pihanga Restoration Project Request membership
Lake Tarawera Residential Lake Tarawera Residential. A bait station line that runs the length of Residential Spencer Rd encompassing over 500 Scopes Bait Stations and has been running since 1990, maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers. Rats are the target Species. Request membership
Lake Te Ko Utu, Cambridge Trail trapping to establish 4 lines around the Lake - 2 western side and two eastern side - on top of bank and at bottom of bank (lake level) Request membership
Lake Whatuma Traps around edges of Lake. Doc 200's, Possum Master Traps, Good Nature & Timm's Traps Request membership
Langs Beach Estate Request membership
Langs Cove Trapping Group Possum and rat trapping Request membership
Library Reserve Peninsula County Library Reserve (excluding Lister / Millennium Reserve) Request membership
Ligar Bay Block is largely regenerating native (mahoe, kanuka, coprosma) with scattered wilding pine. Good populations of tui, kereru, korari, quail, weka. 25 bird species observed here including kea! Would like to expand the trap network in conjunction with neighbours to cover all the Ligar Bay catchments. The area has contiguous native vegetation through to Abel Tasman National Park Request membership
Lindum Tce Lindum Terrace walkway Request membership
Linley Reserve Rat Blitz Candidate for care under the Pest Free Kaipatiki Predator Blitz 2017. Starting with Rat control Request membership
LOCA backyard trapping Backyard trapping programme using funds from a Predator Free NZ/Kiwi Bank grant Request membership
Long Gully Bush Reserve Request membership
Long Point / Irahuka Restoration Project Long Point / Irahuka Reserve on the Catlins Coast 15km south-east of Owaka, was purchased by the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust in 2009. It includes Cosgrove Creek (2km to the north) although this area is managed as a separate trapping project. Comprising 75 ha in total , the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust owns two areas and manages others on behalf of the Crown. The Long Point / Irahuka reserve complex is focused in the short to medium term on restoring the habitat for yellow-eyed penguins and other seabird species. The longer term goal is to restore the coastal shrublands and forest and associated fauna. Key project partners in the reserve conservation work are the Dunedin & South Otago branches of Forest & Bird. They have an active role in both the trapping and also specific sea bird conservation initiatives as part of their wider Otago coastal project "Bring back the Seabirds". Request membership
Lowe KNE projects Request membership
Lower Waikato River Franklin Acclimatisation Society. Waikato River Possum & Rat Bait Station Program Request membership
Lower Waimata The start of bigger things... Request membership
LRCG 427 Request membership
LRCG 444 Request membership
LRCG 449 Request membership
LRCG 449/1 Dr Peter Maddison - bait stations around perimeter of grounds/garden, not thru bush down to Lund Rd Request membership
LRCG 450 Request membership
LRCG 472 Request membership
LRCG 520 Request membership
MacLester Request membership
Mahakipawa Arm Request membership
Mahana Hills Various areas around the Stagecoach area. Slowly converting gorse/ weeds to native. Request membership
Mahoe-Nui Lower Volunteers supporting Christchurch City Council rangers. An extensive trapping programme has been established through early 2016 to compliment an ongoing planting programme. Request membership
Mahoe-Nui Upper Volunteers supporting Christchurch City Council rangers. An extensive trapping programme has been established through early 2016 to compliment an ongoing planting programme Request membership
Makahuri conservation project Conservation and enlarging a virgin wetland forest remnant Kahikatea, Pukatea, Tawa, Koekoe.... Fully mature trees estimated some over 400 years old with virgin forest below. Trapping, weed control and reforestation and conservation. Request membership
Makara Peak/KATCH Request membership
Makererua Reserve Care Group Request membership
Makomako rat trap Traps in this area supplement the Predator Free Brooklyn trapping project. Request membership
Mangaiti Pest Eradication Clearance of pests from the Mangaiti Gully System Request membership
Mangapuni Predator trapping for the protection of wildlife especially brown kiwi in this area. Request membership
mangawarawara Request membership
Mangawhero trapping line To reduce predation pressure on threatened fauna such as whio. Request membership
Mangorei Trappers, New Plymouth 1 Acre Small lifestyle Block Request membership
Maori Pa 5 Estuarine area bounded by the Maori Pa road and the Wakapuaka estuary. Request membership
Massey Rd Pest Control Request membership
Massey Road Trappers Trapping, shooting and bait stations. Request membership
Maunganui Station Predator Control Request membership
Maungaparerua Stream Landcare Request membership
Maungaru/Maungatipa CPCA Request membership
Maungawhau Urban Trappers East side of Maungawhau and Government House. Request membership
Mawhitipana Valley Project Request membership
Medlands LTD Request membership
Millennium/Lister Reserve This trapping project is within the "Millennium / Lister Reserve" at the end of the Portobello Peninsula, Otago Peninsula. Request membership
Mistletoe Bay Request membership
Mokau Forest Farm Request membership
Monk Road Trapping Request membership
Motu Kaikoura rat eradication project Kaikoura Island, (Motu Kaikoura) 564 ha plus Nelson Island. 565 stations including 558 traps. Request membership
Motukaraka Point Predator Control Request membership
Motuoapa Request membership
Motuoapa PF2050 Motuoapa PF2050 Request membership
Moturoa/Rabbit Island Trapping Group (Fish & Game) Covering the eastern end of Moturoa/Rabbit Island, Fish & Game and a team of volunteers are doing their best to see bird life (both native and game bird) flourish on this part of the island. Request membership
Mount Maunganui College Request membership
MTB Restore Mangamahoe Request membership
Mt Chocolate A nature conservation project in Invercargill, New Zealand. Restoring 1Ha of farm pasture into a Mro swamp forest. Request membership
Mt Vernon Predator Free Mount Vernon Farm Park Request membership
Mt Victoria Vermin Trappers A group of local Wellington residents trapping in the town belt reserve land of Mt. Victoria, keen to develop a closer connection with their local reserve and help look after it by controlling predators of native birds: rats, stoats, and possums. Many group members also are involved with restoration planting projects throughout the wider trapping project area - some group members have been planting trees in the area for some time. The group is also monitoring pest density using chew cards. Request membership
Neutze Request membership
Newlands College Pest Patrol Request membership
New Plymouth and Bell Block combined Request membership
Ngaere School Ngaere School grounds Request membership
Ngakuta Bay Community Trapping Request membership
Nga Motu Centennial Park To reduce the rat invasion rates from the mainland to the Nga Motu/Sugarloaf islands, a rat control network has been set up along Centennial Park. Request membership
Ngararatunua Project Would like to increase this area with the help of neighbours. Request membership
Ngawha Pest Control Predator control at Ngawha Top Energy and surrounds Request membership
Northcross Reserve Northcross Reserve Request membership
Northern Houto Forest (Maungatipa) Phase 2 - Help for Houto Request membership
NUKP North End Paekakariki Escarpment Request membership
OBHP Request membership
Off The Radar Request membership
Ohiwa Headland Sanctuary Request membership
Ohiwai Forest Farm Landcare Ohiwai Forest Farm comprises 56Ha much of which is regenerating native forest with stands of 100 to 300 year old Kauri and also numerous large Rata, Miro, Tanekaha, Rimu etc. The property is located in Hikuai, Coromandel. The owners are working to make the site predator free currently removing pigs, trapping possums, wild cats, stoats/weasels, rats and hedgehogs. Tracks will be put in over the next few years to enable better access to the steeper areas of the property for pest management. As of 5 October 2018, 1035 possums, 585 rats, 14 stoats, 16 weasels and 5 wild cats, and 37 hedgehogs have been removed from the property. Request membership
Oi Kaitiaki Jac Spyksma and Peter Hunt started this trapping project in 2015 with kind permission from and support of several property owners. The area was expanded in 2016 and 2017. We are aiming to eliminate stoats which are a threat to Kiwi released at the nearby Marunui Conservation block. Wider predator control measures including targeting of rats and possums will help protect other native flora and fauna. Northern Regional Council and Kiwi Coast have supported us by providing traps, baits and advice. Our project is included in a number of others managed by Waipu Kiwis. Request membership
Okarito Lagoon protection Predator control on North Spit, Okarito Request membership
Okiwi Community Pest Control We are grateful for the support of the Great Barrier Island Local Board (Auckland Council) who have enabled this project via a community grant. Request membership
Okuti Trap Network Okuti Valley Reserve Request membership
Omaha Pest Free 2020 Request membership
Omahu Bush Request membership
Ōmana regional park Request membership
Omanawa Road Request membership
Omataroa Kiwi Project Omataroa occupies an area of 7,777 hectares, consisting of approximately 7100 ha of exotic production forest and a further 640 hectares of indigenous forest. The plantation forest and bush remnants which surround the mature forest of Puhikoko Reserve contain significant kiwi habitat, and kiwi sign is regularly seen. The long-term aim is to extend kiwi protection over the entire Omataroa area. Currently Rayonier Forestry fund buffer trapping around Puhikoko Reserve, and there are plans to extend this network. Kiwi call count monitoring is also planned over a wide area to help direct the future expansion of the project. The land is administered by the Omataroa-Rangitaiki No 2 Trust, and there are over 6000 shareholders in the land. The main focus of the project is the bio-diversity rich Puhikoko Reserve (546 ha), which is home to kiwi, kereru and North Island Robin. A kawanata is in place over Puhikoko Reserve, and intensive predator trapping and poisoning is undertaken to control mustelids, rats, cats and possums. Regular kiwi aversion training is also held with the local Omataroa hunting club and kaitiaki work is undertaken with forestry contractors to prevent harm to kiwi during forestry operations. The objective of the project is to protect the kiwi population and the wider bio-diversity values of the forest, while also helping people reconnect to the whenua and develop their skills as kaitiaki. Ian Tarei leads the work on the ground, and has a strong interest in engaging whänau in kiwi conservation from a young age. Local köhanga reo are regular attendees at kiwi releases, and a group of Te Teko youth have been trained to undertake predator control and kiwi work. Wild juvenile kiwi have recently been found in the area, highlighting the benefits to the kiwi population from the animal pest control and advocacy work. Operation Nest Egg (ONE) has been successfully utilised to return chicks to the reserve once they have reached a safe weight. This has helped reinvigorate the resident kiwi population with young birds. Kiwi chicks have also been gifted to other local kiwi projects to help ensure a robust gene pool in the now isolated populations. Request membership
Omori Kuratau Pest Management A group of 14 volunteers who service 12 traplines in the Omori/Kuratau South Western Bays area of Lake Taupo. The group has been in operation for 6 years and we service our traps on a weekly basis and send monthly reports of our kills to DOC, Taupo District Council, Waikato Regional Council, 63 locals and home owners who have donated traps and record our monthly tally totals on the Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association website. The OKPMG has twice been selected as the Regional Winner of the Trust Power, Taupo District Environment and Heritage Awards (2013 & 2016). In the field we service 260 DOC 200 traps; 150 Goodnature A12 and A24 possum and rat traps as well as modified Timms traps, and live capture traps for feral cats. Our target predators are rats, weasels, stoats, feral cats, possums and hedgehogs. In addition to this we also are currently targeting cotoneaster pest trees and broom, and will add further pest plants once we have the broom and cotoneaster under control. Request membership
Onepoto Domain Rat Control Rat control in Onepoto Domain Request membership
Onewhero Village Two properties now! Who will join us? Request membership
Onoke Spit, Wairarapa Moana Trapping network to protect Caspian tern colony, banded dotterels and other ground nesting birds. Request membership
Onslow College Predator Free Request membership
Open Valley Urban Ecosanctuary (VUE) The Open Valley Urban Ecosanctuary Project (Open VUE) seeks to utilise the unique spatial structure of North East Valley as a defined catchment area for Lindsay Creek, and as a green corridor with the potential to link the Dunedin Town Belt with the Orokonui Ecosanctuary. Open VUE will build on the very strong sense of local community identity, and the sound administrative base provided by the existing Valley Project. Open VUE aims to engage with partners to undertake a comprehensive programme focused on community engagement in green space enhancement and pest control through biodiversity mapping, species monitoring and environmental education. Drawing on the experience of established community eco-sanctuaries we aim to be a model for other community projects. Request membership
Opepe DoC Reserve Request membership
Operation 340 Request membership
Opoutama Wetland Request membership
Opoutere Bird Saver Opoutere Bird Saver is project to save the bird life and native fauna in Opoutere over approximately 200 hectares. Under direction of the Opoutere Ratepayers and Residents Association, As at 1st Jan 2018 we have over 150 bait Stations, 100 DOC 200 traps and 60 A12's Possum killers. We also look after 12 Hectares at Pokohino Beach trying to save some massive Pohutokawa's from possums. Part of our area goes out onto Opoutere Spit were we have nesting Dotterels, we also have a resisdent flock of approximately 25 Kaka's , as well as many other New Zealand Native birds. We carry out numerous working bees to rid the area of Eleaganus and Ginger along with Privot and Barberry around Opoutere, We are always looking for volunteers. Request membership
Oratia Request membership
Orecs Request membership
Oruatua Conservation Area Request membership
Otahu Catchment Area Protection Project The Otahu catchment area includes the Waiharakeke Stream, the Wharekiraupanga Stream and the Lignite Stream Request membership
Otangaroa Conservation Area Otangaroa Conservation Area Request membership
Otanomomo Scientific Reserve Covers the whole area of the Otanomomom Scientific Reserve Request membership
Otari Predator Free Backyard trapping in Otari to remove rats, hedgehogs and other predators and not only helping the birds to come back but also to prevent re-invasion of these predators into Otari-Wilton's Bush Request membership
Otaua School Otaua School is embracing Predator Free 2050 and creating a generation of Kiwi's who 'know how lucky we are'. Request membership
Otawhiri Peninsula Request membership
Otekiho Otekiho is a small area (approx. 4.9ha) of reserve land immediately south of Taiaroa Head and Pilots Beach, managed by the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust on behalf of the Dunedin City Council. The land falls steeply away from Harrington Point Road to a rocky beach with cliffs at each end. Yellow-eyed penguins nested here for several years in the late 1980s and early 1990s with the last nesting in the 1991/92 season. Little blue penguins and sooty shearwaters are found in the reserve and are believed to be increasing in numbers.. Request membership
Owairaka Ratbaggers We are a community initiative with the vision of a pest free Maunga. Our initial focus is on eradicating rats around Mt Albert / Owairaka Domain. Jointly with Tūpuna Maunga Authority we started rat control in Owairaka Domain on top of Mt Albert. Members in our group commit to trapping rats on their own property all around the maunga. Hopefully our birdlife will flourish as a result. Please "Register" for this website and "Request membership" for "Owairaka Ratbaggers". Once we got you added to the list, you can then add your trap and catch details to this data. Get in touch through facebook or send an email to Request membership
Owaka Heads Reserve Owaka Heads Reserve, Yellow-eyed Penguin nesting area. Request membership
Owhango Alive A group of residents from Owhango and nearby working on pest control, mainly in the Ohinetonga Reserve. Request membership
Owhiwa Landcare Request membership
Pacific Bay Pacific Bay, Pond, Wetland, Bush. Fresh water. Request membership
Pacific Bay Pacific Bay, Tutukaka (private land, bush area surrounding pond and wetland) Request membership
Paekakariki Rat Pack Request membership
Paekawakawa Pest Patrol Help us restore Paekawakawa Reserve and keep predators under control. Request membership
Pa Hill Our property at 57b Spioenkop Rd plus the remainder of the covenanted bush on the adjacent property. Our property 10 acres, 7 acres in covenanted bush plus approx. 3 acres on adjacent property. Request membership
Palliser Bay Project (Test) Request membership
Palmer Mill Predator Free Palmer Mill Road and side roads with approximate boundaries of areas currently actively trapping predators and reporting results. Request membership
Palmerston North Request membership
Palmerston North City Council Request membership
Pan Pac Kaweka Fernbirds and NI Brown kiwi present. Request membership
Panpac Te Kowhai Set up in December 2010 Request membership
Papa Taiao Predator Free Secondary Wellington Predator Free 2050 has inspired Papa Taiao Predator Free Secondary. A new initiative to engage young people with the national aim of becoming predator free. The programme enables students to lead local action that contribute to a predator free New Zealand through innovation and enterprise. Request membership
Papa Taiao Trapping Papa Taiao students from aotea college Request membership
Paradise Protection Program Request membership
Paraparaumu Scenic Reserve Restoration and Education Project Request membership
Paremata Flats Estuarine land bounded by the Wakapuaka River, the Cable Bay estuary and the Maori Pa Road Request membership
Parihaka Community Landcare Parihaka Community Landcare has rat bait stations, rat traps, possum traps and DOC 200 traps across a proportion of Parihaka, Whangarei. Request membership
Parsons wetland pest eradication A Queen Elizabeth II wetland of eight hectares developed by G and E Copp Request membership
Paterson Gully intensively trapped, a small patch of trees with approx. 20 households adjacent Request membership
Pauanui Hill Request membership
Peacock Home Traps 46A Donnelly St Oakura Request membership
Pedator free Horoeka Request membership
Pekapeka Interpretation area Pekapeka public interpretation and walkway area incluidng area surrounding open water. Request membership
Penguin Bay Reserve Penguin Bay Reserve, Yellow-eyed Penguin nesting area. Request membership
Pest control Head of the Patua Inlet rat and mustalid control Request membership
Pest Control in the Mangemangeroa Valley Through recording catches in private bush segments it is hoped to gain the pattern of pests moving into the Mangemangeroa Reserve. Request membership
Pest Free Esk Hill The Esk Hill area is made up of many lifestyle blocks, bush fragments and native plantings attracting many pests and birds. Our goal is to get rid of rats, stoats and ferrets in our community and see an increase in native wild life and birds. The proposed project boundary is Hill Road, State Highway 5 and State Highway 2. It encompasses Eskdale school (a growing, semi rural primary school with approx. 250 students), Esk Valley Estate Winery, Eskview Heights, Esk Valley Lodge, Esk Hills Lifestyle Subdivision (an exclusive community protected with a body corporate facility of Esk Hills Residents) and the Heipipi Historic Reserve DOC area (24 hectares of elevated rolling hill country and encompasses part of what was formerly an extensive pa.) Request membership
Pest Free Glendhu Scenic Reserve Friends of Glendhu Scenic Reserve is a group of volunteers supported by Auckland council to become pestfree of Possums, Rats, Mice, Stoats and Hedgehogs. Weed control and water monitoring and estalbishing a native butterfly and pollinators garden between the Glendhu footbridge and waterfall. Request membership
Pest Free Mana & Camborne A coordinated approach to making Mana and Camborne pest free and bringing back our native species. Request membership
Pest Free Mangere Bridge Trapping along Kiwi Esplanade in Mangere Bridge, with a backyard trapping programme initiative. Request membership
Pest Free Papakowhai A coordinated community approach to making Papakowhai Pest Free. Request membership
Pest Free Paremata Request membership
Pest Free Peninsulas Kaipara Pahi and Peatly in Otamatea region of the Kaipara is a nesting site for Spoonbill, Heron and Banded Rail. It has large pockets of native bush with a good population of Tui, Kereru and even the occasional kaka. Pest Free Peninsulas, provides free rat bait and traps for residence on the peninsula while trapping out possums and mustelids. The goal is to be possum free by 2020. Request membership
Pest Free Peninsula - Whangaparaoa The project is to remove rats, stoats and possums from the Whangaparaoa peninsula as part of the north west wildlink. Tiritiri Matangi to the Waitakere Ranges Request membership
Pest Free South Makara Request membership
Pest Free Tawa Request membership
Pest Free Tawa College College property- Gardens Request membership
Pest Free Titahi Bay Request membership
Pest Free Whitby Request membership
PFChurtonPark Request membership
PFW - Predator Free Seatoun Request membership
Phil Esplanade menzies st Request membership
Picton Dawn Chorus Picton and Waikawa and surrounding hills from Ngakuta to Momorangi Request membership
Piha Rebels We trap then we surf. Request membership
pines Extent of pine plantation Request membership
pipers reserve Pipers reserve boundary Request membership
Pixie Stream Rat and mouse trapping to protect Inanga spawning habitat Request membership
Places for Penguins trapping project A project run by the trapping group of Forest and Bird's Places for Penguins (Wellington). The group carries out trapping across the Miramar peninsula, using a mix of DOC200, A24, Victor and Modified Victor traps. The primary aim is to protect Little Penguin nesting sites, with a broader goal of increasing native bird and insect biodiversity. Request membership
Plimmerton Request membership
Polhill Trapping Project Request membership
Poporangi Small family project around our property and in adjacent native bush around Poporangi Stream, hoping to keep expanding (would love to get Kereru School on board!)! Have kereru and kaarearea around. Request membership
Possum control Request membership
Possum control Request membership
Possums in the Craigieburns Using good nature possum traps to eliminate possums in the Craigieburn range Request membership
Pounui Lagoon, Wairarapa Moana Trap network to protect bittern, spotless crake and other wetland species. Request membership
Poutiri Ao o Tane Trapping network surrounding Boundary Stream Request membership
Powrie Reserve Rat Blitz Candidate for care under the Pest Free Kaipatiki Predator Blitz 2017. Starting with Rat control Request membership
Predator Free Acacia Bay Request membership
Predator Free Arrowtown The project is focused in the sub-catchments of Bush Creek, a valley behind Arrowtown, and the Arrow River. The trap lines are currently focused along existing tracks, which incorporate the valley floors, patches of extant beech forest, and ridge lines above. New lines are being extended along the Arrow River to the south, and an associated trapping project called PFA Urban will focus on trapping within the town. Request membership
Predator Free BOP [PLEASE DON'T USE THIS SYSTEM. See] This system is no longer being used. Please go to to log your kill or join up. Request membership
Predator Free Broadmeadows Backyard trapping group for the suburb of Broadmeadows. Request membership
Predator Free Brooklyn Backyard trapping in Brooklyn, Vogeltown, Mornington and Kingston. Request membership
Predator Free Cambridge Request membership
Predator Free - Cass Bay Request membership
Predator Free Ernle Clark Control of rats in the reserve using core flute boxes and victor traps. Request membership
Predator Free Grenada Village Predator Free Grenada Village is in the north of Wellington City. We hope that by eliminating predators we’ll see more native brids, skinks, lizards and other small natives back in our community. Request membership
Predator Free Grey Lynn Predator Free Grey Lynn is a local group that aims to rid Grey Lynn of native bird killers like rats and stoats using different trapping methods. It is part of Predator Free New Zealand. We welcome new members. Request membership
Predator Free Houghton Valley Request membership
Predator Free Initiative at Taupo DeBretts Taupo DeBretts is on board with the newly formed partnership between HAPNZ and the Predator Free New Zealand Trust. We have deployed 8 double ended DOC traps for mid sized predators such as rats and stoats. We have also installed over 50 self-loading bait stations around the premises to control the population of rats and mice. Early monitoring of our efforts are showing that the bait is being taken up at a fast rate and we are optimizing placement of the stations and traps in response to our findings. Request membership
Predator Free Island Bay Bringing Back the Birds – Predator Free Island Bay supports and promotes backyard trapping and trapping in reserves. We cover Island Bay, Owhiro Bay and Southgate. Email us: Our area forms part of a green corridor for native birds and wildlife between the coast and Zealandia. Island Bay is fortunate to have a penguin breeding on Tapu Te Ranga Island. Request membership
Predator Free Johnsonville Community-driven backyard trapping programme for the suburbs of Johnsonville and Raroa in Wellington. Part of the Predator Free Wellington movement. Request membership
Predator Free Khandallah Reserves Predator Free Khandallah trapping on public reserve land Request membership
Predator Free Kilbirnie Setting out to rid Kilbirnie of rats and mustelids, to bring back the birds and trees to the eastern suburbs. Email us at and we'll help you get started trapping in your backyard! Request membership
Predator Free Lyall Bay Request membership
Predator Free Makara Beach Request membership
Predator Free Maketu and Little Waihi Maketu and Little Waihi Request membership
Predator Free Maungaraki Request membership
Predator Free Miramar - Backyard Trapping Setting out to rid Wellington's Miramar Peninsula of rats and mustelids, to bring back the birds and trees to the eastern suburbs. Email us at and we'll help you get started trapping in your backyard for free! Visit the website: - or sign up using this form: . (Note we've now united with our friends in Seatoun to cover the whole peninsula: Miramar, Maupuia, Strathmore Park, Seatoun, Karaka Bays and Breaker Bays.) Request membership
Predator Free Moera Randwick Crescent in the suburb of Moera, Lower Hutt. Request membership
Predator Free Morningside Western Springs Trapping rodents using a combination of Good nature traps A24, Doc200, and Victor Professional traps. Actively recruiting more households to join us. As of March 2018 part of the Kiwibank Predator Free community. Request membership
Predator Free Mt Cook Newtown Berhampore To clear Mt Cook, Newtown and Berhampore of rats, mice, stoats, and possums through backyard trapping Request membership
Predator Free Mt Vic Our volunteer backyard trapping group operates in the Wellington suburbs of Mount Victoria, Oriental Bay, Roseneath and Hataitai. We're working to create a protective shield around the beautiful maunga of Matairangi/Mount Victoria. If you'd like to join our group you can reach us at or better yet use this link to sign up: Request membership
Predator free Newlands/Paparangi/Woodridge The Northern suburbs or Newlands, Paparangi and Woodridge Request membership
Predator Free Ngaio Getting rid of pests in our suburb and increasing the native birds in Ngaio Request membership
Predator Free Ngaio Reserves Trapping in the reserves of Ngaio Request membership
Predator Free Normandale Very Approximate borders of Normandale suburb, Hutt City Request membership
Predator Free Northland (Wellington) Request membership
Predator Free Ohakune Request membership
predator free Opawa Opawa Loop Request membership
Predator Free Polson Hill/Aokautere Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - Diamond Harbour The Summit Road Society has launched an aspirational new community initiative for The Port Hills to become Predator Free. Part of this initiative is to encourage people to trap and to collect records of what traps people have and how many pests they've trapped. This will help native species and also give a better understating of where traps are, where more could be etc. This group is for Diamond Harbour, Charteris Bay, Church Bay and Purau trappers to share useful information and work together to improve the ecological health of the peri-urban fringe of the south side of the harbour Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - Governors Bay Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - Halswell A backyard trapping initiative in the in the suburb of Halswell and Kennedys Bush. Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - Heathcote Valley A backyard trapping initiative in the peri-urban fringe surrounding the Port Hills, in the suburb of Heathcote Valley. Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - Hillsborough A backyard trapping initiative in the peri-urban fringe surrounding the Port Hills, in the suburb of Hillsborough. Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - Huntsbury A backyard trapping initiative in the peri-urban fringe surrounding the Port Hills, in the suburb of Huntsbury and also the part of St Martins bordering the Port Hills. Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - Lyttelton A backyard trapping initiative in the peri-urban fringe surrounding the Port Hills, in the suburb of Lyttelton, Cass and Cosair Bays. Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - Mount Pleasant A backyard trapping initiative in the peri-urban fringe surrounding the Port Hills, in the suburbs of Mount Pleasant, Redcliffs and Monks Bay. Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - St Martins A backyard trapping initiative in the peri-urban fringe surrounding the Port Hills and also the part of St Martins bordering the Port Hills. Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - Tai Tapu The Summit Road Society has launched an aspirational community initiative for The Port Hills to become Predator Free. Part of this initiative is to encourage people to trap and to collect records of what traps people have and how many pests they've trapped. This will help native species and also give a better understating of where traps are, where more could be etc. This group is for Tai Tapu and surrounding trappers to share useful information and work together to improve the ecological health of the peri-urban fringe the western boundary to the Port Hills Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - Teddington Predator Free Port Hills Teddington is part of the Summit Road Society's Predator Free Port Hills. The Teddington project area has been loosely defined. The boundaries can be edited to include more properties or to exclude any large property that wants to set up their own trapping project. Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - Teddington Woolly Valley Historic catches pre 2018 have not been added Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - Thorrington Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - Urumau Reserve and Port Saddle Pest management and biodiversity improvement in Lyttelton is the aim of this project. It is a collaboration between Lyttelton Primary School and the Lyttelton Reserves Management Committee, and is possible in large part because of the generous support provided by the Whaka-Ora Healthy Harbour Group. Request membership
Predator Free Port Hills - Westmorland A backyard trapping initiative in the peri-urban fringe surrounding the Port Hills, in the suburb of Westmorland. Request membership
Predator Free Pounawea Request membership
Predator Free Puahuru - Shotover Country/Lake Hayes Estate Shotover country and Lakes Hayes estate trapping project which runs along the twin rivers trail, Shotover and Kawarau rivers. Request membership
Predator Free Pukerua Bay A community group trapping pests in Pukerua Bay to help protect native birds, lizards, and invertebrates. Request membership
Predator-free Spreydon Backyard trapping in Spreydon Request membership
Predator Free Taupo Predator Free Taupo started in June 2017 alongside Greening Taupo who are actively engaged in native plantings between the predator free Wairakei Golf Course, Taupo town and Mt Tauhara. Request membership
Predator Free Templeton Request membership
Predator Free Te Puke Predator Free Te Puke is a new community intiative established by volunteer members of the Charity group Environment Te Puke. The aim is to get as many households and businesses in the Te Puke urban environment on board to rid the community of mamalian predators. Our initial focus will be on Rats. Request membership
Predator Free Te Puke 2018 Request membership
Predator Free Thorndon Thorndon Request membership
Predator-free Tirohanga hillside, bush, garden Request membership
Predator Free Tirohanga and Harbourview This is a local predator free zone for Tirohanga and Harbourview. Also included is Pomare Road, Wairere Road and Avonlea Grove, Lower Hutt Request membership
Predator Free Waiheke Waiheke Island Request membership
Predator Free Waiu Park Waiu Park consists of a 7 hectare remnant wetland surrounded by a catchment of approx 63 hectares, it is situated in Parkway, Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt. The wetland area is undergoing enhancement through pest plant control and enhancement planting, the surrounding catchment is a mixture of regenerating scrub and mature beech forest. The two areas already have predator control already consisting of 4 DOC 200 and 35 bait stations maintained by the HUtt City Council and the Wellington Regional Council. The first stage of animal predator control will be concentrating on the wetland area with 24 Box rat traps, then gradually moving to the catchment area with 120 box traps. We intend to use boxes with Victor rat traps and mouse traps with additional DOC 200s. Request membership
Predator Free Wakaaranga Creek Wakaaranga Creek Request membership
Predator Free Woburn Approximately the suburb of Woburn Request membership
Prescott Rd Pest Control Group Request membership
Profile Farms Request membership
Project birdie Request membership
Project Kaka at Donnelly Flat An area of about 50ha in the Tararua Forest Park near Mt. Holdsworth road end. Request membership
Project Rameka A 91ha carbon sequestration project in Golden Bay that provides dual use recreational tracks in a regenerating native forest environment. Request membership
Project Strip Request membership
Protect Everett Park Everett Park Request membership
Pukaha Mount Bruce Request membership
Pukeiti Request membership
Pukekauri Farm - Derry Block Farm Pest Control Request membership
Pukerua Bay Scientific Reserve Mustelid Trapping Our group monitors 44 DOC200 traps on 2 traplines, once a month over the cooler months and twice in the warmer months. There are 22 traps beside the beach track and another 22 beginning in Ranui Reserve, Raroa Place, and continuing along the farm fence line, west along the bluff tops. Request membership
Puponga Point Puponga point pest control area Request membership
Quarantine island Monitor and then eradicate pests on the island. Request membership
Queen Elizabeth Park Request membership
Queenstown Backyard Trappers Request membership
Queenstown Hill Predator Monitoring A project to collect and monitor baseline predator data on Queenstown Hill Time Walk and Station using Chew Tab Cards. First round of Chew Tab Cards put out on the 3rd of October 2018. Request membership
Queenstown Hill Trapping Request membership
Raetea Forest Bird Sanctuary Mangataiore is a steep hill at the northern edge of Raetea forest covered with regenerating native bush, not used or accessed by anyone due to the difficult nature of the terrain. Having grown up on a property next to the hill, I am slowly extending possum, stoat and rat trap lines to circle and encompass the hillsides, with the purpose of allowing bird-life to return to the area and flourish as it once did. Request membership
Raetihi Holiday Park Request membership
Raglan, 377 Wainui Karioi Maunga Trapping Program Request membership
Rangatira Park Restoration Team, Taupo A community project bringing together people with the common desire for stewardship of our neighbourhood and our environment. Part of Predator-free Taupo. Request membership
Rangatira Rat Blitz Part of a new initiative as part of the Pest Free Kaipatiki Predator Blitz 2017. Pulsing beginning November 2017, with the aim of possum expansion on January 2018. Request membership
Rangitaane01 Rangitaane01 is an iwi led, community driven led predator trapping project, aimed at creating a predator free buffer zone around the Wildbase Animal Rehabilitation Centre in the Palmerston North Esplanade Botanic Gardens. The project led by Paul Horton the Rangitaane iwi environmental officer at Te Ao Turoa Environmental Centre based at Maxwell's Line Awapuni PalmerstonNorth. This project is consistent with the aims of the national initiative to become predator free by 2050. It involves using a suite of Goodnature A24 and A12 self reset traps in and around the raiparian zones of the iner-city reach of the Manawatu RIver. Paul Horton, the project leader, following the completion of a post grad dip in Zoology at Massey University, has several years experence in pest monitoring and management as part of the Maanaki Whenua Landcare Research Ltd. wildlife team. Request membership
Rangituhi Porirua Request membership
Ranui, Porirua Request membership
Rapanui Grey-faced Petrel Colony Request membership
RatkillerTee Request membership
Raumati Rat Pack Predator control in the Raumati and Raumati South urban areas Request membership
RDWT Request membership
REDCLIFFS, THE HEIGHTS Request membership
Redwood Bush KNE Request membership
Restore Bell Block Request membership
Restore Blagdon Request membership
Restore Brooklands Request membership
Restore Egmont Village Request membership
Restore Eltham Request membership
Restore Ferndale Request membership
Restore Fitzroy Request membership
Restore Frankleigh Park Request membership
Restore Glen Avon Request membership
Restore Hawera East Request membership
Restore Hawera West Request membership
Restore Highlands Park Request membership
Restore Huirangi Project covers from Richmond Road, Kairau Road, Te Arei Road, Waitara Road and Matarikoriko Road Request membership
Restore Hurdon Request membership
Restore Inglewood Request membership
Restore Kaponga Request membership
Restore Lepperton Request membership
Restore Lower Vogeltown Request membership
Restore Lynmouth Request membership
Restore Manaia Request membership
Restore Marfell Request membership
Restore Merrilands Request membership
Restore Midhirst Request membership
Restore Moturoa Request membership
Restore New Plymouth Central Request membership
Restore Normanby Request membership
Restore Oakura Request membership
Restore Ohawe Beach Request membership
Restore Okato Request membership
Restore Onaero Request membership
Restore Opunake Request membership
Restore Patea Request membership
Restore Ridgewood Request membership
Restore Sentry Hill Request membership
Restore Spotswood Request membership
Restore Strandon Request membership
Restore Stratford Request membership
Restore Tataraimaka Request membership
Restore the Drop + Fernbrook Urban Bush renewal next to Bush reserve and council huatoki dam Request membership
Restore Upper Vogeltown Request membership
Restore Urenui Request membership
Restore Vogeltown Request membership
Restore Waitara East Request membership
Restore Waitara West Request membership
Restore Waiwhakaiho Request membership
Restore Waverley Request membership
Restore Welbourn Request membership
Restore Westown Request membership
Restore Whalers Gate Request membership
Riverlands Landcare - Ngunguru, Northland South Side of Ngunguru Rd - Kaiatea to and including Old Mill Ln, Ngunguru Request membership
Robertson Request membership
Rodent Free Wadestown Backyard trapping in Wadestown so as to removes rats,mice and hedgehogs and allow the birds to come back. Request membership
Rongotai College Group School Property, mix of asphalt, grassy fields, bushes in suburban setting. Request membership
Rotoehu Ecological Trust Rotoehu Ecological Trust - Trap/bait station network in Otari Block, part of Rotoehu Forest Conservation Area - Check us out at Http:// Request membership
Rototuna CFG possum control managed by PF Olsen using fur recovery trapper, Ricky Schraag Request membership
Rototuna CFG managed by PF Olsen using fur recovery trapper Request membership
Ruru Kaitiaki Request membership
Ruru Predator Free Trapping area at Ruru Request membership
Russell Kiwi Protection Request membership
R W Tate Scenic Reserve Small scenic reserve South-East of Greytown area managed by volunteers and DOC. Request membership
saige mangawarawara stream trap Request membership
Saint Catherines College Predator Free Project Saint Catherines College predator free project Request membership
Save Our Kiwi Hawkes Bay -Kaweka Forest Park A trapping programme in the eastern Kawekas, supporting a North Island Brown kiwi restoration project, a partnership between DOC Hawkes Bay and community group ECOED (the Environment Conservation and Outdoor Education Trust). Request membership
Scorching Bay/Mahanga Bay trap network Intensive trapping network in the Scorching Bay watershed. Part of Predator Free Miramar, and managed by Forest and Bird (Places for Penguins) and Te Motu Kairangi-Miramar Ecological Restoration. Request membership
Settlement Hill Request membership
Shepherds Park Rat Blitz A community trapping initiative supported by the Pest Free Kaipatiki Predator Blitz. Started in 2017, continuing in 2018 focusing on rodent control. Monitored as part of the annual Chew Card Campaign. Request membership
Shoal Bay Trap Network 30 x rat traps covering 5 acres Request membership
Simons Road Possum trap Baitstation (2) for rats and Possum traps (2) Stoat trap (1) 1 Ha predominantly Taraire regenerating Request membership
Sinclair Wetlands Te Nohoaka o Tukiauau / Sinclair Wetlands Mahinga Kai / Restoration project Request membership
Small mammal monitoring Request membership
Solar Powered Estate 30 hecture block of grasing land bordered by the hawea river on the southern boundary Request membership
SouthBay South Bay beach Request membership
Southern Houto Forest (Maungaru Range) Request membership
South Ridge on Dalehill Saving native fauna and flora one pest at a time Request membership
Springlea Bush & Wetland QEII Trust Covenant. Request membership
Stancich Reserve Rat Blitz Candidate for care under the Pest Free Kaipatiki Predator Blitz 2017. Starting with Rat control Request membership
Starboard Arm Mixed native trees - Kanuka top storey, Presence of wallabies, possums and rats Request membership
Starboard Arm Mixed native trees - Kanuka top storey, Presence of wallabies, possums and rats Request membership
Steele Creek Local deerstalkers association looking after a stoat trap line in Steele Creek, checked and managed by volunteers from the club Request membership
Steve's Playstation The trap area is over 4.5 hectares containing a creek on the boundary, wetland, hill sides and a wet gully. Three hectares has been cleared of pines and scrub and root raked. We are currently planting about 4500 natives this fall and will continue planting in the spring, following fall and the next spring. Currently have 25 DOC 150 traps which I have been using since November 2015 and have been pretty successful catching 51 rats, 3 mice, 13 stoats, 2 weasels, 9 hedgehogs, 15 possums and one cat in 6 months. As of October 2016 we have planted over 12,000 native trees and shrubs. Request membership
Stillwater Pest eradication along the southern shore of the Weiti River. A breeding area for the New Zealand dotterel. Request membership
Summerhill Native Regeneration Project Request membership
Sunhill Scenic Reserve Sunhill Scenic Resrve Request membership
Taheke Landcare Request membership
Tairua Projects Tairua has several groups and individuals trapping in the area. For example, Walk Tairua has created a loop walking track around the Pepe Inlet and as part of the project there is a trap line. Banded Rail and Fern Birds are present in the area. Joining this website helps with the coordination of the groups and the gathering of data. Request membership
Takarunga/Mt Victoria Request membership
Tanera Gully Restoration Project Trapping in restoration area in Tanera Gully end of Epuni st and around Tanera Park Request membership
Tangihua Lions Lodge Conservation and Education project To create a high quality, accessible educational centre surrounded by a fully functional ecosystem. We have a school camp in the Tangihua ranges. We have set up pest control with the Northland Regional Tangihua Community Pest Control Area (TCPCA) covering 1100hainitially and 400ha expanding to 1200ha on DOC land. We expect the trap database to play an important role linking with schools Request membership
Tangirau Wetland Restoration Project - Stage 1 Trapping network for Tangirau Wetland Restoration Project - Stage 1 Request membership
Tangiteroria Landcare Community based predator control programme - focussing on Mustelids, Goats, Possums based at the Northern end of the Tangihua ranges traversing Childs, Pukehuia and Omana Roads to the N Wairoa River. Request membership
Taputeranga Ratbusters A project run by the Forest and Bird's Places for Penguins (Wellington). The group carries out trapping, and baiting across Taputeranga Island, using a mix of A24, traps and bait stations.The primary aim is to protect Little Penguin nesting sites on the Island, with a broader goal of increasing native bird and insect biodiversity. Request membership
Taranaki Mahood-Lowe Reserve General predator trapping although especially for whio and kiwi protection in this area in conjunction with adjacent DOC predator control in the National Park. Request membership
Tata Islands 30th Oct 2017: Tata Islands. Ngawhiti and Motu Islands. * 29 x DoC150 traps in total. * Bait used: Dehydrated rabbit. Total rat kills between 1:1:16 and 1:11:17 = 211 rats. Rats are the only kills found in these traps. UPDATE 30th May 2018: All the DoC 150 traps on both Islands have been cleaned, emptied and left in the position they have been active in being replaced by 7 GoodNature A24 self setting traps without counters, (3 x A24 on Ngawhiti - 4 x A24 on Motu) These new traps are 'live' and working as from 30th May 2018. The plan is to use the DoC 150 traps again in a months time for monitoring purposes, if catch numbers are low then relocate them maybe to the mainland in favour of the A24's on the Islands. Request membership
Taupo Intermediate Grounds 1 DOC 200 trap at present Request membership
Tautuku Restoration Project Request membership
Tavora Tavora Reserve was purchased by the Trust in March 1993, and totals 40 hectares made up of 28 hectares leased for grazing and a 12 hectare coastal strip and riparian area managed for conservation. Request membership
Te Ao Turoa Project (managed by E Tu Rongo Ma Tane Whanganui Papakainga sits along the western shores of Taupo moana. Whanganui makes up part of Ngāti Te Maunga hapū a sub tribe of Ngāti Tuwharetoa. The whenua is managed by the Whanganui Maori Reservation Trust. Te Ao Turoa project is managed by E Tu Rongo Ma Tane, our kaupapa is to support the dreams and aspirations of the hapū. Our Mission is for Whanganui papakainga to be a healthy and safe environment for current and future native and endemic species of flora and fauna (predator free hapū by 2050) our Vision is to control the pest animal and plant populations within our papakainga, our Goal is to create a long term strategic plan on how we will achieve our vision to also include research programs, monitoring projects and implementating reintroduction regimes of mahinga kai and taonga species. Request membership
Te Arai Forest Troop After purchasing from a dairy farmer in the 60s, my father and friends fenced off two of the bush blocks on the northern face of the hills on Cames Rd. The land had previously had been used as overwintering blocks for a dairy herd normally based down in Tomarata. Since it was fenced off, there has been some limited trapping and shooting of Possums and baiting for Rabbits. From early 2017, we have moved into a more comprehensive and organised pest management strategy for the property at 174 Cames Rd and surrounding bush blocks. We are using a combination of Timms traps, A24s, A12s, DOC250's, Protecta, Big Cheese and Sentry bait stations in managing rats, mice, stoats, weasels, ferrets, feral cats, hedgehogs and possums. The goal is to eventually create a pest free biodiversity corridor linking to the Brynderwyns in the North and the offshore island sanctuaries to the East. I've now extended the Te Arai Forest Troop group to our neighbours in an effort to coordinate the restoration of this amazing slice of forest. Request membership
Te Horo Natives The name Te Horo Natives sums it up...We are an open and growing group of locals/caretakers of Te Horo, who are passionate about looking after, and further developing the native flora and fauna of our beautiful Te Horo area. Focused on protecting our unique native birds, lizards, insects and plants from predators. Join us, and be an integral part of helping Te Horo be a leader in the drive for predator free 2050. The group was started in 2018, by a few private land owners within Sandown Estate area...Te Horo Predator Free here we come. Request membership
Te Kauri-Waikūkū Reserve Te Kauri-Waikuku Reserve Request membership
Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Ngā Mokopuna Request membership
Te Kura OTWAA Trap 1 Request membership
Te Manu Waiata/The Bird Song Project - Sumner Bays As one of the 2017 PFNZ Trust/Kiwibank Predator Free Community Grant recipients we are setting up a backyard trapping program for residents of Redcliffs, Moncks Bay, Sumner, Richmond, Clifton, Scarborough and Taylors. Households in this area already trapping are welcome to add their traps to the project to help us get a full picture of predator and trapping activity in the area. We are part of the Predator Free Port Hills initiative run by the Summit Road Society. Request membership
Te Manu Waiata Wainui - Okitu We are helping the Wainui/Okitu community to bring more native birds back into our gardens and reserves. We'll do this by supporting the trapping of rats - the aim is for at least one fifth of the backyards in Wainui / Okitu to be trapping for rats. Request membership
Te Maru Villas Boundary of Te Maru Villas Request membership
Te Motu Kairangi Request membership
Tennyson Inlet Islands Request membership
Te Rae O Atiu Request membership
Te Rere Yellow Eyed Penguin Reserve Intensive stoat and rat control around penguin nesting area on the South Coast Request membership
Te Wairoa Te Wairoa Reserve, North Taranaki Forest & Bird Request membership
Te Waotu School trap library Te Waotu School Zone - map not exact Request membership
Thames Coast Kiwi Care Request membership
The Remarkables Line 1 Alta Lake Line 2 Base Area 1600 metres. Request membership
The Sanctuary CPCA 177 ha at Mangawhai area creating a safe space for an expanding new kiwi population Request membership
Tiaki Request membership
Tikipunga Possum Control Request membership
Titoki Gulley QE2 covenant. Old regrowth titoki/tawa/pukatea/podocarp Request membership
Titoki Gully 13 DOC 200's sponsored by WSP Opus and Waikato Regional Council. This are is managed by Hamish Crawford and Nick Green. Another Predator Free Taupo project. Request membership
Tokaanu Hot Pools Request membership
Tom and Dons Bush Tom and Dons Bush. Request membership
Tongaporutu GC Predator trapping for wildlife protection in the area especially for WNI brown kiwi. Request membership
Tony Art's Farm Request membership
Torepatutahi Wetland Restoration Deep Creek, Broadlands Road, Reporoa. Request membership
Totarabank Request membership
Totara Block Request membership
Totties Home Trapping in the Puerua Valley. Request membership
Towards Predator Free Taranaki - Rural Control Area Request membership
TraplordzNZ We want university students to carry out trapping in desperately needed and highly student populated areas. By giving each student flat a trap to check each week will really help achieve our goal of becoming the first urban predator free city. Request membership
Trappers Retreat Request membership
Trapping@Vic Request membership
TT Trapping Request membership
Tumanako Track Four families adopted Tumanako track at Boundary Stream, Hawke's Bay, volunteering to check and rebait traps monthly Request membership
Turanga Creek S / Clifton MS Turanga Creek Stewardship: [Turanga Creek Stewardship Area 364 R11 Crown Land adjoining Lot 5 DP 16612 Blk IV Otahuhu Survey District.Conservation Act 1987 4.5000] Clifton Marginal Strip: [Clifton Bay Marginal Strip 470 R11 Crown Land reserved from sale under Section 129 of the Land Act 1924, adjoining Lot 5 DP 16612 and Crown Land Blk IV Otahuhu Survey District. 1.0860 approx] Request membership
Turangi Urban 2 x doc 200 1 x tims 1 x cage 1 x air rifle Request membership
Tyndale School Request membership
Uawanui a Ruamatua Request membership
Uenuku Predator Control 7,8,9 Uenuku Place Waitara Request membership
University Trapping This project aims to trap mice and rats in the university area. Project was captured here from 2015: Request membership
Unsworth Reserve Request membership
Upper Hutt 5 Holdsworth Ave Rat/mouse trap in box Request membership
Upper Hutt Akatarawa Mid Akatarawa Rd nth of Crest Rd (exclusive) to Karapoti Rd (inclusive) Request membership
Upper Hutt Blue Mountains Request membership
Upper Hutt Brown Owl Birchville Brown Owl (riverside of Akatarawa Road + SH2) including Harcourt Park + Birchville Request membership
Upper Hutt Ebdentown Upper Hutt Ebdentown Request membership
Upper Hutt Heretaunga Heretaunga, Upper Hutt. From Hutt River at NW corner of Wellington Golf Course, then along edge of St Pats College land (along path beside Golf Course, along side of Heretaunga Park, along stopbank behind housing) to Fergusson Dr, along Gloucester St, along Pempsey St, Pinehill Cres neighbourhood, around base of hill to entrance to Remutaka prison, along south side of Davis Park to Alexander Rd, north along Alexander Rd and Sutherland Ave, east along Fergusson Dr, then north along western edge of Trentham Memorial Park, then along Hutt River. Defined 5 July 2018, Pat van Berkel Request membership
Upper Hutt Katherine Mansfield Valley Katherine Mansfield Valley to ridges, including valley floor to intersection of Wallaceville Road, Mangaroa Road and Whitemans Valley Road Request membership
Upper Hutt Mangaroa Mangaroa Valley excluding Katherine Mansfield Valley and excluding Maymorn Request membership
Upper Hutt Mt Marua The gated community of Mt Marua including the bush sides down to the edge of Te Marua Request membership
Upper Hutt Pinehaven Pinehaven, Upper Hutt. Includes up to Pinehaven ridge lines, including to Wyndham Reservoirs and Blue Mountains Rd but excluding Avro Rd and any of Whitemans Valley. Defined 14 May 2018, Pat van Berkel. Request membership
Upper Hutt Riverstone Riverstone Terraces, Upper Hutt Request membership
Upper Hutt Silverstream Silverstream, Upper Hutt. Includes Sunbrae Drive, along tops of Silverstream hills, beside Silverstream landfill to Hutt River by Hulls Creek, along Hutt River to Wellington Golf Course, then along edge of St Pats College land (along path beside Golf Course, along side of Heretaunga Park, along stopbank behind housing) to Fergusson Dr, along Gloucester St, along Chatsworth Rd to very end, to twin reservoirs, back directly to Sunbrae Dr. (Excludes Witako and Ecclesfield Reserves) Defined 5 July 2018, Pat van Berkel. Request membership
Upper Hutt Te Marua Plateau, Te Marua, Kaitoke Request membership
Upper Hutt Totara Park Totara Park suburb of Upper Hutt Request membership
Upper Hutt Trentham Trentham, Upper Hutt. From Hutt R at northeast corner of Trentham Memorial Park (TMP), following TMP edge to Fergusson Dr, back to Sutherland Ave, down to edge of Trentham golf course, along to hilltop, along ridge to continuation of Ward St, along Ward St to Fergusson Dr, along Whakatiki St and along Masefield St to Hutt R, then along Hutt R to NE corner of Silverstream golf course. Includes the new Wallaceville subdivision but excludes TMP and Rimutaka Prison. Defined 5 July 2018, Pat van Berkel Request membership
Upper Hutt Trentham Memorial Park Upper Hutt Trentham Memorial Park including Bartons Bush and Domain Bush Request membership
Upper Hutt Wallaceville Request membership
Upper Hutt Whitemans Valley Request membership
Upper Hutt Witako Ridge Upper Hutt Witako Ridge Includes Witako Reserve, Ecclesfield Reserve, and Corrections hill land. Also includes Rimutaka Prison land. Request membership
Upper Waipoua Kaitiaki Request membership
Upper Whiriwhiri Road Possum, cat, rat and stoat control Request membership
Uri Peninsula jutting into Wakapuaka Estuary Request membership
Vindictivemob predator control Trapping Possums, rats and mustalids Request membership
Waiheke Ratbusters Waiheke Island Request membership
Waihi Beach pest control We are a holiday resort catching rats in a humane way to increase native wildlife in our area Request membership
Waihowaka Green Predator control (rats, mustelids, hedgehogs) on District Council riparian reserve Request membership
Waikanae Estuary Request membership
Waikanae River Corridor Request membership
Waikino School Native forest The area we are currently collecting data from using trapping tunnels on monitoring lines Request membership
Waikokomiko Gorge Restoration Pest animal control: stoat control using DOC200s and rodent control using bait stations on a 100x50m grid. Possums and cats are controlled across the farm Pest plant control: old mans beard and Japanese honeysuckle controlled annually across the farm Approximately 1200 locally sourced natives planted Request membership
Waikuku Estuary Trapping Group Request membership
Waikuku Stream Request membership
waimairi beach chch trapping Beach Reserve area from Broad Park northwards We met with Jason (the coastal ranger) who showed us how to use traps and tracking tunnels. We are starting off with 3 traps and Jason will be providing some different ones. Members of the group would like to buy Good Nature gas activated traps for rats - Tracy And Del bought 1. Residents association provided funds for 2 Request membership
Waimangu Volcanic Valley Removing rats stoats and possum from the valley. Also using pheromone traps for wasps. Request membership
Waimarino Request membership
Waima to Laingholm Pest Free Waima to Laingholm Pest Free came about by a number of locals struggling with the problem of battling against introduced pests. Acting individually was not acheiving much, however examples such as ark in the park showed that a combined coordinated approach can produce real results. Waima to Laingholm Pest Free has been formed to endevour to emulate this approach in an urban setting using locals. Waima to Laingholm Pest Free is for locals by locals. Request membership
Waingaki Wetland Request membership
WAINUI SR Pest control, rats mice hedgehogs mustelids possums 2ha scenic reserve Request membership
Waiohanga Trapping around house, farm and QEll covenant. Request membership
Waiongana/Tarurtangi Starting small but hope to expand, doing our part to help reduce the number of pests in our area. Request membership
Waipahihi Gully restoration Restoration of the Waipahihi Gully in Taupo, with clearance of weeds and weed trees, replanting with native species and backyard and gully pest trapping. Request membership
Waipahihi trapping Private gardens open to the public Request membership
Waipaipai Area under possum control through trapping and poison. Request membership
Waipu Kiwis Request membership
Waipu Spit Waipu spit protected birds Request membership
Wairakei River Corridor New project June 2018 with support from Quality Print, Huka Jet and Huka Lodge. Request membership
Wairere Boulders Request membership
Wairere Pest eradication Request membership
Wai Tahurangi Request membership
Waitangi Forest Pest control within Waitangi Forest Request membership
Waitetoko Request membership
Wakatipu High School Predator Free Kawarau river edge from Kawarau Falls Bridge to Shotover Delta . Shotover Delta to treatment ponds. Request membership
Wanaka Backyard Trapping Predator Trapping in the Upper Clutha area. Our Mission is to INCREASE numbers of native wildlife (birds and skinks/geckos) in Upper Clutha – restoration of native habitat DECREASE numbers of introduced pests that threaten NZ native flora and fauna EDUCATE/ encourage community participation at neighbourhood level RAISE profile of NZ unique flora and fauna amongst NZers and travelers to the Wanaka area Request membership
WECG River Run Waikanae River Estuary near salt marsh Request membership
weka street wetlands Request membership
Wellington Branch Forest and Bird Native Plant Restoration Group Nursery trapping a bush covered valley of council reserve bordered by residential properties , Zealandia and nursery covering approx 2 hectares Request membership
Wellington Public Traps set On my weekend walks I want to snap the traps for public viewing. Request membership
West Coast Backyard Trapping The Department of Conservation, Western South Island, is encouraging local communities in our region to participate in backyard stoat and rat trapping. If you live on the West Coast and have a trap in your backyard or check a trap line, please record your catch here and together we can support native wildlife. Request membership
WGCT_traps Request membership
Whakamahi Lagoon Predator Control Predator Control around the Whakamahi Lagoon Request membership
Whakaupoko Landcare Request membership
Whale Bay And Otito Reserves Request membership
Whananaki Landcare Request membership
Whangamata Harbour Care Pohutukawa protection programme Request membership
Whangarei Heads community traps Request membership
Whangawehi Catchment Management Group The Whangawehi Catchment Management Group is a unified body of stakeholders including marae, agencies and school representatives, working together to better manage land and water and also co-ordinate environmental work and education in the community. Based in Mahia, the group has already retired 56 ha of riparian margins and established 155 000 native trees. Pest control has become a key element in our community's aspirations. For more info on our holistic project go on Request membership
Whareora Landcare Request membership
Whareroa Farm Request membership
Whatoro CPCA Request membership
Whisky Bay Trust Kiwi Initiative Whisky Bay Request membership
Whites Bay DOC land around Whites Bay, following Black Jack's Track, Puketea Track some of the Foreshore and tracks near the camp site. Request membership
Whitireia Park Request membership
WHS predator free Request membership
Wild About Te Atatu WATA Request membership
Wild Aro Wild Aro’s a group of locals coordinating backyard trapping in the valley. Part of the Predator Free Wellington network. Request membership
Wild Kiwi Girls area covered Request membership
Wildlife Haven Ohautira trappers rats possums stoats ferrets weasels mice Request membership
Winara Rat Pack Request membership
Windy Hill Sanctuary A 770HA ecological restoration project situated on south eastern Great Barrier island. Integrated plant and animal pest management began in 1999. The Trust employs a field team of 5 to systematically manage 5000 rat stations, 60+ cat traps, hunt pigs, maintain 80+ km of tracks and remove invasive weeds. Management of ship rat and kiore is undertaken using balance of trapping and bait. Over 50,000 rats have been trapped and an unknown number poisoned. A comprehensive monitoring programme began in 2000 - birds, lizards, invertebrates, weta, seedlings, rats and freshwater streams are monitored to an annual programme. The landscape is a mozaic of broadleaf podicarp mature forest, mature kanaka forest, regenerating manuka and coastal forest. Much of this is undisturbed from ridgetop to coast with the bulk of the Sanctuary uninhabited. Threatened species present include: kereru, kaka, black petrel, grey faced petrel, striped and chevron skinks, pacific and forest geckos, and pateke. Request membership
Woodburn Reserve Request membership
Woodleigh Nursery Request membership
Woodside Hill section with lots of trees and rats! Request membership
Wye Creek Monitoring Please load CTC1, CTC3 and CTC4 into this project Request membership
Wye Creek Trapping Queenstown Climbing Club's favourite climbing area - lots of great rock climbing with fantastic views over Lake Whakatipu. We also have several native replanting projects in the area. Request membership