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Te Ranga PCA

Baytrap Ltd Possum maintenance programme

Te Rangi Aniwaniwa

Wharekura ākonga from Te Rangi Aniwaniwa kura in Awanui are leading an effort to protect biodiversity in the ngāhere by trapping possums on their land. They are also hoping to earn a living by tanning the hides, and sewing unique hats, slippers, and gloves with the fur.

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Te Rau Puriri

Regional Park trapping Program focused on protecting wetland and remnant forest areas

Te Rere Yellow Eyed Penguin Reserve

Intensive stoat and rat control around penguin nesting area on the South Coast

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Te Tii trapping squad Join
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Te Toa Whenua

Te Toa Whenua is a Te Roroa iwi-led initiative restoring 900ha of cultural redress lands in the Lower Waipoua Valley. We are undertaking possum control accross these lands. 

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Te U-Waiotahe Whio Security Site Join
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Te Uri PCA

Baytrap Ltd possum maintenance programme

Te Wai Parera Trust Join
Te Wai Whakaata Restoration (Lake Hayes catchment)

Mana Tāhuna Charitable Trust is working to rehabilitate Te Wai Whakaata - Lake Hayes. We are working throughout the catchment trapping predators, planting riparian areas, shaping steam banks, and establishing sediment traps to improve the health of the lake.

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Te Wairoa

Te Wairoa Reserve, North Taranaki Forest & Bird

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Te Waotu School trap library

Te Waotu School Zone - map not exact

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