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Tuapaka/Hutton's Covenant

Rodent and mustelid trapping to protect Powelliphanta traversi otakia snails from predation

Tucker Beach Wildlife Management

Protecting braided river birds and other birds and lizards. Black-billed gull Black-fronted tern Banded dotterel

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TukiTuki PCA

Baytrap Ltd  Possum maintenance programme

Tukituki wetlands


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Tumanako Track

Four families adopted Tumanako track at Boundary Stream, Hawke's Bay, volunteering to check and rebait traps monthly

Turanga Creek S / Clifton MS

Turanga Creek Stewardship: [Turanga Creek Stewardship Area 364 R11 Crown Land adjoining Lot 5 DP 16612 Blk IV Otahuhu Survey District.Conservation Act 1987 4.5000]

Turangi Urban

2 x doc 200 1 x tims 1 x cage 1 x air rifle

Tutaekuri River Community Trapping Project Join
Tutaenui Dams

The Tutaenui Dams are being turned into a public park with walking tracks and our group is working with the Rangitikei Council to help restore the native bush. We are ridding the area of invasive pests so our beautiful native birds will return in great numbers one day.

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Two Chain Predator Free Join
Two Mile Ck, Karoro

Control of pests such as rats and stoats in upper catchment of Two Mile Creek, near Greymouth

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Tytans traps

clean up tytans grandads land from predators.

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University Trapping

This project aims to trap mice and rats in the university area.
Project was captured here from 2015: