Ziptrek's Safe Haven

Here at Ziptrek Ecotours we are aiming to create a safe haven for the native birds by intensively trapping the perimeter around our zip line course. We currently have network of 9 Goodnature possum traps and several rat traps in our trapping network..

Since the installation of our traps we have seen an increase in the bird population inside the trapping area. We are also planting natives and pulling out wilding pines to help encourage the native forests regeneration. Our hope is between the trapping and planting we can give the birds a place on Bobs Peak to thrive so that we may showcase the native flora and fauna to our guests, promoting conservation in NZ.

Over the years of operation we had installed a couple of Goodnature traps. In June 2017 we added 5 more and began actively managing them.
In October 2018 we added a few more and relocated them to create the perimeter around our course.
Between June 2017 and Oct 2018 we killed 136 possums.