Omori Kuratau Pest Management

A group of 14 volunteers who service 12 traplines in the Omori/Kuratau South Western Bays area of Lake Taupo. The group has been in operation for 6 years and we service our traps on a weekly basis and send monthly reports of our kills to DOC, Taupo District Council, Waikato Regional Council, 63 locals and home owners who have donated traps and record our monthly tally totals on the Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association website. The OKPMG has twice been selected as the Regional Winner of the Trust Power, Taupo District Environment and Heritage Awards (2013 & 2016). In the field we service 260 DOC 200 traps; 150 Goodnature A12 and A24 possum and rat traps as well as modified Timms traps, and live capture traps for feral cats. Our target predators are rats, weasels, stoats, feral cats, possums and hedgehogs. In addition to this we also are currently targeting cotoneaster pest trees and broom, and will add further pest plants once we have the broom and cotoneaster under control.