Long Point / Irahuka Restoration Project

Long Point / Irahuka Reserve on the Catlins Coast 15km south-east of Owaka, was purchased by the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust in 2009. It includes Cosgrove Creek (2km to the north) although this area is managed as a separate trapping project. Comprising 75 ha in total , the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust owns two areas and manages others on behalf of the Crown. The Long Point / Irahuka reserve complex is focused in the short to medium term on restoring the habitat for yellow-eyed penguins and other seabird species. The longer term goal is to restore the coastal shrublands and forest and associated fauna. Key project partners in the reserve conservation work are the Dunedin & South Otago branches of Forest & Bird. They have an active role in both the trapping and also specific sea bird conservation initiatives as part of their wider Otago coastal project "Bring back the Seabirds".