Iwi Kiwi Waitangi

• Iwi kiwi aims to coordinate conservation efforts within our area of action while enhancing our social-economic environment.
• The area covered of about 5000 ha already has conservation management in place in some areas (DOC, Waitangi Trust, Northland Forestry Managers)
• The high cultural, historical and ecological value of the Bay of Islands provides us with the opportunity to showcase how well we can integrate tourism with protecting all native taonga who live here. Sir Bledisloe’s vision for his gift was sustainability. This is already achieved with forestry, tourism and recreational activities. Once we have reached a satisfying level of pest control, and our efforts are rewarded by an increase in the number of native wildlife monitored, we aim to help develop a Kiwi Crèche, in partnership with Iwi, Waitangi Trust and DOC.
• Iwi Kiwi is Tangata Whenua led, embracing the strong connection of hapu to this land.
• Like the woven strains of a kete, we collaborate with neighbouring groups to make us stronger in the battle against invasive pests. We are part of the Kiwi Coast and Mid North Alliance, connecting with other groups to create safe wildlife corridors and share best practices.