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Project Kaka at Donnelly Flat

An area of about 60ha in the Tararua Forest Park near Mt. Holdsworth road end.

Project Moturoa Traplines

These are traplines set up on Moturoa or Rabbit Island in the Tasman District

Project Rameka

A 91ha carbon sequestration project in Golden Bay that provides dual use recreational tracks in a regenerating native forest environment.

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Prospect Tce

Private house 

Protect Everett Park

Everett Park

Protect Karangahake Pest Free

Using traps only, the group will trap rats, mustelids, hedgehogs and cats on land neighbouring the Dickey Flat area of the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park. Traps have been donated by Waikato Regional Council, Brian Habberfield-Short, Robbie Cumming and Rachel Sorley.

Protect Manukorihi

A small group of students from Manukorihi that are passionate about pest control and creating a sustainable environment for the future are busy building traps, running a trap line around our school and running our school garden.

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Pukatea Reserve

Pukatea Reserve, Marybank, Nelson

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Pukekauri Farm - Derry Block

Farm Pest Control

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Pukenui Estate

Pest Control Group

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Pukenui PCA

Baytrap Ltd  Possum Maintenance Programme

Pukenui Trapping

Trapping at the edge of Pukenui 

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Pukerua Bay Scientific Reserve Mustelid Trapping

Our group monitors 44 DOC200 traps on 2 traplines, once a month over the cooler months and twice in the warmer months. There are 22 traps beside the beach track and another 22 beginning in Ranui Reserve, Raroa Place, and continuing along the farm fence line, west along the bluff tops.

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