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Takapoto Conservation Project Request project membership
Takarunga Cemetery and Catholic Church Request project membership
Takarunga/Mt Victoria

This is historic data, Trap.NZ is no longer being used for data collection.

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Takou Summit Block

Integrated Pest Control

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Rat trap set up

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Tanekaha CPCA

The key objective of this CPCA is to reduce mammalian predators to increase and maintain North Island Brown Kiwi (Apteryx mantelli) survival within the project area. The area surrounding this CPCA has an extremely high kiwi population which is currently managed through Department of Conservation trapping and occasional poisoning programmes. Kiwi will continue to expand into surrounding areas which need to have some form of predator control present. A secondary objective is to increase and enhance native biodiversity through poisoning rodents and possums within the CPCA.

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Tanera Gully Restoration Project

Trapping in restoration area in Tanera Gully end of Epuni st and around Tanera Park

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Tangatupura PCA

Baytrap Possum maintenance programme

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Tangihua Lions Lodge Conservation and Education project

To create a high quality, accessible educational centre surrounded by a fully functional ecosystem. We have a school camp in the Tangihua ranges. We have set up pest control with the Northland Regional Tangihua Community Pest Control Area (TCPCA) covering 1100hainitially and 400ha expanding to 1200ha on DOC land. We expect the trap database to play an important role linking with schools

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Tangirau Wetland Restoration Project - Stage 1

Trapping network for Tangirau Wetland Restoration Project - Stage 1

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Tangiteroria Landcare

Community based predator control programme - focussing on Mustelids, Goats, Possums based at the Northern end of the Tangihua ranges traversing Childs, Pukehuia and Omana Roads to the N Wairoa River.

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Taputeranga Ratbusters

A project run by the Forest and Bird's Places for Penguins (Wellington). The group carries out trapping, and baiting across Taputeranga Island, using a mix of A24, traps and bait stations.The primary aim is to protect Little Penguin nesting sites on the Island, with a broader goal of increasing native bird and insect biodiversity.

July 2020 update: Checked the GoodNature traps on the main island - all good with gas left and lure looked ok except one mouldy one. Regassed, rebated and tested all nine. Total count of 06 since January. Not bad, eh? Off to the islet in a fortnight, weather permitting. Lots of sign of penguins too (poo!).

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Taranaki Kiwi Trust - ENP Request project membership
Taranaki Mahood-Lowe Reserve

General predator trapping although especially for whio and kiwi protection in this area in conjunction with adjacent DOC predator control in the National Park.

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Taronui Pest Control Area

Taronui Area

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Tata Islands

30th Oct 2017: Tata Islands. Ngawhiti and Motu Islands. * 29 x DoC150 traps in total. * Bait used: Dehydrated rabbit. Total rat kills between 1:1:16 and 1:11:17 = 211 rats. Rats are the only kills found in these traps. UPDATE 30th May 2018: All the DoC 150 traps on both Islands have been cleaned, emptied and left in the position they have been active. They have been replaced by 7 GoodNature A24 self setting traps without counters, (3 x A24 on Ngawhiti - 4 x A24 on Motu) These new traps are 'live' and working as from 30th May 2018. The plan is to use the DoC 150 traps again in a months time for monitoring purposes, if catch numbers are low then relocate them maybe to the mainland in favour of the A24's on the Islands. For further information contact: Peter Geen - 03-5257007

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Taumata Request project membership
Taupo Intermediate Grounds

1 DOC 200 trap at present

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Taupo Scouts Lake Front trapping Project Request project membership
Tautuku Restoration Project Request project membership

Tavora Reserve was purchased by the Trust in March 1993, and totals 40 hectares made up of 28 hectares leased for grazing and a 12 hectare coastal strip and riparian area managed for conservation.

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Tawa MenZshed

Two DOC 200 traps on the site of the Tawa MenZshed, one besides the Porirua Stream and another adjacent to the FOTBR nursery

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Tawaiparera stream connection Request project membership
Tawhiti Boundary Request project membership
Taylors Mistake Trappers Request project membership