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Hill section with lots of trees and rats!

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Wye Creek Monitoring

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Wye Creek Trapping

Wye Creek is a unique alpine valley the runs from Wye Saddle in the Remarkables, at around 2000m, to Lake Wakatipu at 310m. It has seen almost no farming in it's history and is abundant in a diverse range of alpine, sub-alpine and valley flora with some stands of ancient beech forest. Prior to Queenstown Climbing Club commencing trapping in 2013 bird life in the valley was rare and minimal. Now 6+ years later there are thriving populations of Bellbird, Fantails, Grey Warbler, Silver Eye and Chaffinch with smaller populations of Karearea, Kea and Tomtits. There has also been one unconfirmed sighting of a South Island Robin. By 2019 the focus had largely been on the North Wye beech forest area and a 1km overlap into sub-alpine territory. Future plans include extending our trapping and monitoring network into the South Wye Catchment.

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Wyuna Peninsula Predator Free Request project membership
Wyuna Preserve

DOC 200 traps

Timms traps

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Yarrs Flat

Yarrs Flat is on the north western edge of Te Waihora / Lake Ellesmere. The Lake is recognised as being of national and international importance for wetland birds including migratory species. Yarrs Flat Wildlife Management Reserve is on the margins of the Arariri / LII River. It is considered to be of outstanding value for wading birds, high value for waterbirds and swamp birds. Fresh water ponds are used by international waders and numerous wetland birds including Pied Stilt and Banded Dotteral. The Australasian Bittern is known to feed in the area and has been heard booming. Marsh Crake are also present. Animal pests in the reserve are: rats, hedgehogs, mice and mustelids (stoats, ferrets). Possums are also present around the margins of the Arariri / LII.

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Trapping around our home.

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Ziptrek's Safe Haven

Here at Ziptrek Ecotours we are aiming to create a safe haven for the native birds by intensively trapping the perimeter around our zip line course. We currently have network of 9 Goodnature possum traps and several rat traps in our trapping network..

Since the installation of our traps we have seen an increase in the bird population inside the trapping area. We are also planting natives and pulling out wilding pines to help encourage the native forests regeneration. Our hope is between the trapping and planting we can give the birds a place on Bobs Peak to thrive so that we may showcase the native flora and fauna to our guests, promoting conservation in NZ.

Over the years of operation we had installed a couple of Goodnature traps. In June 2017 we added 5 more and began actively managing them.
In October 2018 we added a few more and relocated them to create the perimeter around our course.
Between June 2017 and Oct 2018 we killed 136 possums.

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austin trap

Rural lifstyle Property Trap rats and stoats 

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cage trap zero possum area - econode trial Request project membership

Fred Abbott 027-2303946

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cornwallis beach

DOC200 traps Cornwallis Beach

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enviroMate100 research ecolands farm

Ecolands farm is 56 ha having had serious pest control done since 1999. We have identified a transient flow of possum at a rate of 1 possum per 10 ha per week as a minimum. We maintain the property now using enviroMate100 bait stations on a 14 day rotation in conjunction with Steve Allen kill traps and leg holds on 2017 we caught approximately 350 possums managing to recover fur and dog food from most. In 2018 we caught 320 possums. This done in approximately 26 trap site visits per year using 10 enviromate100. Rats rabbits and wild cats are also targeted

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possum trapping

contact me for FREE possum trapping of your farm, stock friendly poison free extremely effective ,, fiber recovery covers all costs

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project mcb

6 doc 200 traps spread out McCrae's Bush Ashhurst

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rat killers Request project membership

catch 100+ rats

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redwood cottage

nasty pest gotta go

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