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Upper Hutt Pinehaven

Pinehaven, Upper Hutt. Includes up to Pinehaven ridge lines, including to Wyndham Reservoirs and Blue Mountains Rd but excluding Avro Rd and any of Whitemans Valley. Defined 14 May 2018, Pat van Berkel.

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Upper Hutt Riverstone

Riverstone Terraces, Upper Hutt

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Upper Hutt Silverstream

Silverstream, Upper Hutt. Includes Sunbrae Drive, along tops of Silverstream hills, beside Silverstream landfill to Hutt River by Hulls Creek, along Hutt River to Wellington Golf Course, then along edge of St Pats College land (along path beside Golf Course, along side of Heretaunga Park, along stopbank behind housing) to Fergusson Dr, along Gloucester St, along Chatsworth Rd to very end, to twin reservoirs, back directly to Sunbrae Dr. (Excludes Witako and Ecclesfield Reserves)  Defined 5 July 2018

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Upper Hutt Te Marua

Plateau, Te Marua, Kaitoke

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Upper Hutt Totara Park

Totara Park suburb of Upper Hutt

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Upper Hutt Trentham

Trentham, Upper Hutt. From Hutt R at northeast corner of Trentham Memorial Park (TMP), following TMP edge to Fergusson Dr, back to Sutherland Ave, down to edge of Trentham golf course, along to hilltop, along ridge to continuation of Ward St, along Ward St to Fergusson Dr, along Whakatiki St and along Masefield St to Hutt R, then along Hutt R to NE corner of Silverstream golf course. Includes the new Wallaceville subdivision but excludes TMP and Rimutaka Prison. Defined 5 July 2018, Pat van Berkel

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Upper Hutt Trentham Memorial Park

Upper Hutt Trentham Memorial Park including Bartons Bush and Domain Bush

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Upper Hutt Wallaceville Request project membership
Upper Hutt Whitemans Valley Request project membership
Upper Hutt Witako Ridge

Upper Hutt Witako Ridge Includes Witako Reserve, Ecclesfield Reserve, and Corrections hill land. Also includes Rimutaka Prison land.

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Upper Hutt, Holdsworth Ave

Rat/mouse trap in box

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Upper Junction Trapping Project

The Upper Junction Trapping Project grew out of a personal interest in protecting both local native biodiversity and the experience of other junction residents losing hens to stoats and ferrets. The core of the project is currently one life style block (a mix of paddocks, regenerating native gullies and restoration plantings) and a network of traps on North Road road reserve. Begun in 2017, it is hoped to further expand and intensify the trapping effort following the setting up of the project on

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Upper Pungaere Road Trappers

Pest control for kiwi protection

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Upper Waihi River Request project membership
Upper Waipoua Kaitiaki Request project membership
Upper Wairau

To help control Pest species

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Urquhart Backyard pest control

Backyard rat control in Urquharts Bay to promote biodiversity in the area

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Uruti School

Mainly covering traps at Uruti School

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Utuhina JPC

30 traps around JPC and 25 traps near the Springfield golf course

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Valley Staniforth Te Arai

20 hectare property with developing native bush on half the property and 1 hectare of existing totara and 4 kauri 

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VanCrasbeek Request project membership
Veale Rd Reservoir Group

Rodent detection and elimination.  You may be surprised how many rodents there are if you start looking for them with motion-sensitive video cameras. Every household should have a GoodNature trap or equivalent. 

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Located in Ness Valley encompassing the AroAro Stream.

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Verran's Gully South Predator Control Project

Bait stations for rat control and possum trapping

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Vindictivemob predator control

Trapping Possums, rats and mustalids

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