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possum trapping

contact me for FREE possum trapping of your farm, stock friendly poison free extremely effective ,, fiber recovery covers all costs

project mcb

6 doc 200 traps spread out McCrae's Bush Ashhurst

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catch 100+ rats

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redwood cottage

nasty pest gotta go

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the Wild Waitomo Team trapping project

the Wild Waitomo team are trapping all variety of pests in the Oparure / Waipapa Road area of Waitomo
Current equipment includes
1 x Good Nature fitted with a chirp counter
9 x DOC 200 rat traps
1 x big 'yellow' possum trap

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urban trapping

trapping in Albert town camp ground

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waimairi beach chch trapping

Beach Reserve area from Broad Park northwards
We met with Jason (the coastal ranger) who showed us how to use traps and tracking tunnels.
We are starting off with 3 traps and Jason will be providing some different ones.

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