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Farewell Spit Stoats Possums Rats and Pigs Request project membership
Farmers for Whio Request project membership
Fawcett Rd Request project membership

Rat bait stations, 21 Ambush. Timms Traps, 6

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Field Reserve

Coords 1) S40deg 53.862' - E 175deg 01.744'
2) S40deg 53.880' - E175deg 01.772'
3) S40deg 53.898' - E175deg 01.754'
4) S40deg 53.960' - E175deg 01.836'
5) S40deg 53.915' - E 175deg 01.941'
6) S40deg 53.805' - E175deg 01.804'

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Five Mile Bay, Taupo

Northern Five Mile Bay, Taupo

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Flagstaff Request project membership
Fonterra Kauri Farm Request project membership
Forest & Bird Manor Park Restoration Project

The Manor Park restoration project was initiated by Old Blue recipient Russell Bell. Lower Hutt Branch is working to establish an eco corridor across the Hutt Valley at Silverstream (See Eco corridors) We have permission to clear weeds and plant on the northern end of the Manor Park Golf Course, KiwiRail land, and some riverside land administered by Greater Wellington.

A new thrust at the Park has been the introduction of intensive pest control. Because of the large amount of grass present, there is a healthy mouse population that exploit the annual production of grass seed in the Autumn. Also we know that there are about 10 rats per hectare in a place like Manor Park, giving about thirty rats present at any time. Bait stations have been placed on a grid roughly 20 metres by 20 metres using Brodifacoum, and this seems to be working well. Progress can be measured using tracking tunnels. The Lower Hutt Branch purchased bait and traps from Greater Wellington Regional Council and received good support from Hutt City Council. With appropriate pest control of rats and mustelids, there is a desire to re-introduce skinks back to the area.

One of a number of highlights at Manor Park was its dubbing as an unofficial skink sanctuary! In short, a proposed sub­division at Kelson saw us put in a formal submission to the developer, that included the request for a herpetological survey be done at the site before the bulldozers moved in. The survey, to be done by the professional lizard experts EcoGecko, used a hundred pitfall traps over two weeks. This produced 63 skinks (a third gravid) of two species, being the Common Skink (Oligosoma polychroma) and the Copper Skink (Cyclodina aenea). The Department of Conservation considered the pest control work being done at the park was enough to allow the skinks to start a new life in the safety of Manor Park, where, along with rat and mouse control, twelve hedgehogs are now resting in their hedgehog heaven!

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Fort Takapuna Request project membership
Fort Takapuna Request project membership
Foxhill Farm predator control

600 acres with remnant bush areas

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Frank Frethey Place NP

one box rat trap, one opossum cage and some rat baits in the garden shed.

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Frankley School Predator Free Project

Pest free school, Trapping the predators so we can have more native birds at our school.

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Frankton Track - Queenstown Request project membership
Free Your Farm (predator and leptospirosis eradication plan)

Having a rodent control programme in place not only aids in protecting NZ's native species but helps eliminate the spread of leptospirosis

Rodents are carriers of leptospirosis, lepto is an infectious disease transmitted from animals to humans (a zoonosis) and from animal to animal by infected urine. Infection can occur through breaks in the skin or through the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose or mouth.

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Friends of A’Deane’s Bush

Long term eco-restoration of flora and fauna of A'Deane's Bush and surrounding area. This includes predator control with 50 traps within the bush and 45 traps in the halo - effectively trapping close to 1000ha now. Rats are controlled through a bait station grid. Old mans beard is controlled annually, locally sourced and grown natives are used to revegetate the area around the Bush, and native species are surveyed annually to see the response to predator control. Tititipounamu /Rifleman, which have been locally extinct for many years, have been re-introduced to the Bush and are establishing a population there.

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Friends of Dene Court Reserve

Friends of Dene Court Reserve provides a range of opportunities for you to be involved in pest and weed control
The emphasis is on having fun and learning more about our special places and species in our local reserve.

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Friends of Haulashore Island

Predator control on Haulashore island to protect bird life and lizards

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Friends of Hekerua

Project includes DOC ALLOT 111 Waiheke Parish SO 44838 DOC 535/ 'Goodwin Reserve'. AC Ocean View Accessway, Ocean View Plantation Reserve and Burrell Rd-Ocean View Accessway. Also includes neighbourhood group properties.

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Friends of Maungauika

Animal control and monitoring

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Friends of Te Aroha rat control

Community led rat control project on private properties in and surrounding Te Aroha Valley and Hekerua Bay on Waiheke Island

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Friends of Te Wairoa Request project membership
Friends of Whatipu Predator Control

FOW Trapping Area

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Friends of the Blade

Volunteer created and controlled, 300 Ha pest free zone in the Kaimai mamaku SFP at the western end of Whakamarama Road around the area known as The Blade/Pa Kereru
Currently using a blend of Warrior and Sentinel possum traps, Philproof economy rat bait stations and DOC 200 & 250 mustelid traps along with 2 Fenn Mark 4 and 4 Mk 6 Mustelid traps under Philproof covers, and Good Nature gas traps.

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