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Hancock Forest Management - Whanui Project Request membership
Hardie Road Pest Control

Native bush and wooded pasture

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Harkness Rice Way

Private property - 2 hectares native bush

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Harper Delta Trapping for Nesting Braided River Birds

Traps set up during braided river bird nesting season, and monitored and cleared by Trustpower generation staff during routine rounds. Trapps are the DoC 2000 traps and Timms Traps, which were donated by Braided River Aid (BRaid).

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Harris Road Landcare

Harris Road Landcare Area

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Harvey Street Gully

Currently 7 DOC 200 traps sponsored by WSP Opus and managed by Nick Green and Hamish Crawford. Another Predator Free Taupo project.

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Hastings Golf Club Request membership
Hauai CPCA Request membership
Haumer Project Request membership
Haumoana School Request membership
He Kākano Community Nursery

Trapping for possums, rats, mice and stoats at our community nursery.

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Head street traps

37 Head Street, Sumner

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Heart Kohumaru Pest Control

Land care for the Kohumaru Road and surrounding area in Northland New Zealand.

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Hellyers Creek Coastal Track

Series of bait stations and possum traps following the first half of the Hellyers Creek coastal track from Beach Haven Road to Hellyers boat ramp.

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Herald Island

Bringing Back the Birds – a ‘Predator and Weed Free Herald Island’

Since 2006, Auckland environmental groups have been working towards improving the North-West Wildlink, a green corridor for native birds and wildlife between the Hauraki Gulf and the Waitakere Ranges.

The Upper Harbour Local Board has generously funded the Herald Island Environmental Group to carry out a Predator and Weed Free Herald Island project that aims to ‘Bring Back the Birds’ to our section of the North-West Wildlink. The funds will be used to help private residents address three issues that affect native bird populations: (a) rat control (b) invasive weed control and (c) local native plant numbers.

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Herbert Forest Remnant Tracks Request membership
Heslip Covenant HVA

15 A12 possum traps and 50 Rat / Stoat raps over approx. 13 ha

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Hillary Hope Nth Block

Rat and Possum control in native bush block north of SH23 in Hillary Hope reserve

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Hinahina Reserve

Trapping in the SE corner of the Hinahina Reserve where Yellow-eyed Penguins regularly nest.

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Hinepango Wetlands

Hinepango Wetlands has trap lines either side of the unique wetlands, from Wairau Diversion northwards across Flaxmill Drive and Rarangi Beach Road and on to Port Underwood Road.

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Sitting between the Haratonga track and Windy Canyon. 100 acres of bush with approx 7km of track starting at 300m above sea level, with the lowest track at 150m above sea level. We have black petrels nesting.

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Hollister Project

150C Trig Hill Road
Waiheke Island
Auckland 1081

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Home Request membership

Tims and Rat traps

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Home kill

Lets reduce pest in the Bay

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