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658 Mahoe Street

Our whānau (Jackson - 8 years old and Mila - 5 years old) are doing our bit to contribute to NZ being predator free by 2050.

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67a sunrise

Backyard trapping

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681 Highcliff Road, Highcliff, Dunedin

Removing possums, rats, mice, hares, rabbits and possibly mustelids from 15 Ha property on the Otago Peninsula.

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76a Old Hospital Road

Been trapping for 10ys in the same location. 2xDOC Stoat traps (no kills ever) 3xTimms Traps. Several hundred opossoms...very rarely catch any now. 1xRat Station. Bait rarely gets taken now. 1xLive Rat Trap...only caught one and that got away because I hadn't secured the gate correctly!

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921 Pataua North Road

Rat, possum, cat and stoat control

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