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Arthurs Point, Queenstown

One Tims trap for possums.
One DOC 200 box trap for stoats, etc

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Ashworth Beach Ponds

a trapping programme in its infancy, aming to protect a bird nesting and feeding ground

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Aspiring Biodiversity Trust

Protection & enhancement of endemic biodiversity in the Makarore and Wilkin (Otanenui) catchments


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Astrolabe Farm

Private property pest eradication and regeneration of wetlands project.

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Atiwhakatu Valley Trapping Project

Deploying Good Nature A24 traps to control rats and mice, over an area hopefully to reach 1,000 hectares.

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Aureate Reforestation

We have 25 hectares of land originally in pine, which was logged 2019-2021. Our vision is to replace the pines with a native forest through replanting and regeneration. We recognise the immediate threat of predators to our planting but also to the thriving ecosystem of the future.

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Awakura - Red River

A12 traps at Awakura

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Awaruaika Wetland West Join
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Awaruku Wetland

Awaruku Wetland, Long Bay is a wetland that is newly established as part of the Long Bay residential development. This habitat creation is home to many coastal and wetland birds and we hope to increase their number and diversity.