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Claremont Bush - Timaru Predator Control

Trapping in Claremont Bush.

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Clark Family Trust Request membership
Clarke Valley

Clarke Valley trapping

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Clearwater Request membership
Clutha river bank

Four A24 stoat/rat traps
Two A12 possum traps

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Codys Traps

Doc 200 trap.
Tims Trap also set.
Rat Bait Stations.
2 x live cage (cat) traps

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Combined effort Request membership
Community Trap Line / Barrytown

A community rat/stoat trapline along the Coast Road of the Barrytown Flats from 17 Mile Bluff to Razorback Point.

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DOC200 trap next to compost bin

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Cooper road Kiwi Request membership
Coprosma Crescent

1 x Doc 200 trap at present, with the hope of at least another 2 along the top of the gulley.

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Corbett Road

Small group of QE11 blocks and private land consisting of mainly Totara, Raewaraewa and Kahikatea forest. Pest control targeting Possums, Rats, Mice, and Mustelids. Combination traps and bait stations. We have one male kiwi, Auckland green Gecko population, loads of Kukupa and Ruru.

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Coro possum Request membership
Coromandel Kiwi Project Request membership
Coromandel McKenzie Halo 1

Bait line of 22 Philproof
stations all on private properties. Lies between the McKenzie reserve line and the new line of Kaitiaki Te Aroha avenue

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Corrections Central Region Rat Trapping Request membership

Corrondella community, managing shared bushland

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Corstorphine bush

wee patch of regenerating bush in a gully

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Cosgrove Creek Restoration Project

Cosgrove Creek on the Catlins coast is managed as part of the of the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust Long Point / irahuka Reserve network. Owned by the Trust, it is designated as a Scientific Reserve and is a little over 10ha in size. The Long Point / Irahuka reserve network is focused in the short to medium term on restoring the habitat for yellow-eyed penguins and other seabird species. The longer term goal is to restore the coastal shrublands and forest and associated fauna. Key project partners in the reserve conservation work are the Dunedin & South Otago branches of Forest & Bird. They have an active role in both the trapping and also specific sea bird conservation initiatives as part of their wider Otago coastal project "Bring back the Seabirds".

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Coster Kids Request membership
Cracroft Predator Free

Predator Free Cracroft - formative project abutting peri-urban fringe where pest trapping is intensive, assisted by neighbour Predator Free Port Hills 2050 projects.

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Craters of the Moon Trust

Trapping line operated by Craters of the Moon Trust around the Craters of the Moon Thermal area.

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Crofton Downs Predator Free Community Request membership
Cross Creek Incline Walkway

Possum trapping using Timms traps

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D.R Trappers

private property

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