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Beckenham Predator Free

Predator Free Beckenham - new project abutting peri-urban fringe, where pest trapping is intensive, assisted by neighbours - Predator Free 2050 project federation.

Bee Bush Rd Possum Eradication

Control of Possum, Hares, Rats, Ferrets, Feral Cats and Rabbits in the area.  


Trapping pests in Wellington's Central Park

Belleau Wood

A small conservation covenant

Below Gorge

To protect Black Billed Gull habitat that runs alongside the area trapped

Ben Nevis PCA

Baytrap possum maintenance programme

Bendalls Lane

Young native forest 

Big Cattle Flat Block Join
Big Hill Predator control

Big Hill predator control targeting Stoats, Ferrets, Weasels and Feral cats.

Biosecurity Join
Birch Hill Station

Privately owned farm with 350ha native bush and the Mangangarara Stream running through it. Currently possum and goat free. Predator trapping and bait station programme to enhance biodiversity and birdlife in our various bush blocks.

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Birdlife, Centre of New Zealand

Birdlife, Centre of New Zealand is a group project running 9 rat/mouse traplines, possum and mustelid traps and 2 monitoring lines on the Centre of N.Z. reserve on the east of Nelson City. Currently there are 20 volunteers monitoring the traps.

Birds Delight

Cat traps will be set in the area designated and checked daily. Rat stations will be set up closer to the house and workshop.

Birdwood Rat Trapping

intensive trapping in Birdwood Reserve & adjacent areas

Birkdale Salisbury Verbena Special Ecological Area Restoration Join
Birkenhead War Memorial Park Rat Blitz

Rat control and subsequent possum control as part of the Pest Free Kaipatiki Predator Blitz

Black Swamp Buffer Zone

The Black Swamp Buffer Zone (BSBZ) predator control project aims to protect and conserve the high ecological values of Mangawhai and Te Arai by managing invasive mammalian predators to very low densities within an identified Buffer Zone.

BlackSheepFarm-Pest Control

Supporting Waipu Kiwis

Blackjack 2021 Join
Blackpool Area Pest Project

Approx Blackpool catchment

Blacks Farm Join
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Blaketown School Trapping

School students (year 6, 7, 8) setting up box victor traps to target rats. in order to protect native birds.

Blaketown Wilderness Trail

Trapline set up along the Blaketown section of the West Coast Wilderness Trail.
What: Victor trap and tunnel.
Target: Rodents.
Aim: To protect flora and fauna.