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Chain Hills Restoration Project

A community-driven initiative to restore the extensive forests along the Chain Hills, Dunedin. Our vision for the future is that the forests of the Chain Hills are flourishing and safe enough to support the reintroduction of precious native species like the South Island robin.

Charlie's Angels - town belt care

Town belt near MacAlister Park focussing on ridge above Finnimore St

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Chetwood Farm

11 hectares at Burgess Park

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Church Bay Farm Project

We have deployed Good nature A24 Traps to keep rodents out of the buildings on the property,to prevent damage caused by them getting inside or in the roof etc.
We have also deployed Victory Traps in tunnels and DOC200 traps as well in areas on the property of ecological importance.

Church Hill Gardens

Four DOC approved Rat Trap boxes place within the Cathedral Gardens.

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Claremont Bush - Timaru Predator Control

Trapping in Claremont Bush.

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Clarke Valley

Clarke Valley trapping

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Clevedon Scenic Reserve Border Control

Pest control in the bush area surrounding the Scenic Reserve marked in the attached map

Clutha river bank

Four A24 stoat/rat traps
Two A12 possum traps

Coast Road Cottage

We have two live capture traps. They catch possums and the occasional dumped pet like a rabbit or cat which we rescue then rehome.

A large possum Goodnature A12 which has been known to kill more than one possum a night

Codys Traps

Doc 200 trap.
Tims Trap also set.
Rat Bait Stations.
2 x live cage (cat) traps

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Community Trap Line / Barrytown

A community rat/stoat trapline along the Coast Road of the Barrytown Flats from 17 Mile Bluff to Razorback Point.

Community Traps from Events - NOT RBS PFHC2019 Join

DOC200 trap next to compost bin

Coniston Kenepuru

Rat and possum traps around the farm cottage and in QE 2 convenant native bush


Local volunter pest control targeting possums,mustilids hedgehogs and rodents.