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Cameron creek

Cameron creek trapping project is a collaboration between Cardona Alpine Resort and Wanaka Backyard Trapping. This project is to eliminate unwanted species in the Cameron creek area.

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25 acres of hilly land with streams

Canterbury Spotted Skink

Predator trapping for protection of Canterbury Spotted Skink (Oligosoma lineocellatum) at Orana Wildlife Park

Cape Foulwind

Bye bye rats n stoats, hello Little Blue Penguins.

Cape to City

Cape to City is a wide scale predator control and ecological restoration project over 26,000ha of land between Hastings and Cape Kidnappers, extending southwards to include Waimarama and forest remnants at Kahuranaki.

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Cardrona Alpine Resort

The entire Cardrona Alpine Resort area, including access road, is to be covered with a comprehensive trapping programme as part of our effort to protect the native Karearea with which we share our Maunga.

Carlow Grove

A possum, rat and mouse traps

Carters Scenic Reserve

this is the Carter Scenic reserve trapping line, that goes around the whole reserve.

Cashmere Predator-Free

A backyard trapping initiative in the suburb of Cashmere, on the peri-urban fringe of Christchurch city, supplying traps towards a Predator Free Port Hills and Cashmere. Target species: opossum, rat, mustelids e.g. stoat.

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Castle Hill Village Thomas Bush Boundary Trap Line

Trap line on the southern boundary of Thomas Bush by Castle Hill Village, Canterbury


Live trapping of feral cats, potential to expand to kill trapping of rats.
Planting to encourage bird life.

Catchin rats in Moturoa

Catching rats in Moturoa

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Chad Street Gully

Community urban trapping project

Chain Hills Restoration Project

A community-driven initiative to restore the extensive forests along the Chain Hills, Dunedin. Our vision for the future is that the forests of the Chain Hills are flourishing and safe enough to support the reintroduction of precious native species like the South Island robin.

Charlie's Angels - town belt care

Town belt near MacAlister Park focussing on ridge above Finnimore St

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Chetwood Farm

11 hectares at Burgess Park

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