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76a Old Hospital Road

Been trapping for 10ys in the same location. 2xDOC Stoat traps (no kills ever) 3xTimms Traps. Several hundred opossoms...very rarely catch any now. 1xRat Station. Bait rarely gets taken now. 1xLive Rat Trap...only caught one and that got away because I hadn't secured the gate correctly! 2x spring loaded rat traps...never caught any. 2x mice spring traps. Catch mice on a regular basis. I do wonder if that is taking food away from the moreporks though?

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80 Request membership
90 Musson Drive Request membership
94 wharekauri road Request membership
Achilles Reserve

Community-led ecological restoration and ecoliteracy learning and responsiveness on the Devonport Peninsula.

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Adah Reserve Community Trapping Project

Newly establishing predator control initiative within Adah reserve.

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Ahuriri Scrape Lake

Black billed gull colony protection

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Alpine Bird Song

Bush and Reserve areas adjacent to Fernhill and Sunshine Bay suburbs of Queenstown

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Alpine Retreat Trapping Group

Neighbourhood Trapping Group

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Anderson Park Pest Control Project Request membership
Angus Way Community Trapping

Approximate coverage area of all properties in Angus Way, covering about 12 ha.

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Anns Project

2 rat traps on edge of woodland in garden in Ngunguru

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Aongatete Forest Project Request membership
Aorangi Restoration Project Request membership

Bait station network

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Ararira-LII Trapping Project

Lincoln High School students are using GoodNature A24 traps on private land beside the Ararira-LII River.
The Ararira-LII is a spring fed tributary which flows into Te Waihora /Lake Ellesmere.
All traps are fitted with a counter to record the number of times the trap has gone off - this should equate to the number of animals caught.
In many cases the dead animals have been scavenged so the catch is unspecified.

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Arcadia Reserve Predator Control

Rat and Possum control under a pulsing (4x a year) system.

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Arch Hill Scenic Reserve Request membership
Archie's bush

Our back garden backs onto a large amount of bush. We are aiming to free it from all predators shush as possums, rats and hedgehogs. I make my own bait and have got 18 traps 4 of which are possum traps and fourteen of them are rat traps. Then I have 4 rat bait stations.

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Aroha Island

Aroha Island is a 12ha sanctuary in the Kerikeri Inlet and is a short 12km drive north east of Kerikeri, in the stunning Bay of Islands. A causeway links the island to the mainland, providing permanent and convenient vehicle access. It is a natural haven with a wide diversity of New Zealand plants and birds including the rare North Island Brown Kiwi.

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Arthurs Point, Queenstown

One Tims trap for possums.
One DOC 200 box trap for stoats, etc

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Ashworth Beach Ponds

a trapping programme in its infancy, aming to protect a bird nesting and feeding ground

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Atawai Request membership
Atiwhakatu Valley Trapping Project

Deploying Good Nature A24 traps to control rats and mice, over an area hopefully to reach 1,000 hectares.

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Avery Road Request membership