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Alpine Bird Song (Fernhill and Sunshine Bay)

Bush and Reserve areas adjacent to Fernhill and Sunshine Bay suburbs of Queenstown

Alpine Retreat Trapping Group (Moke Lake Rd.)

Neighbourhood Trapping Group

Alps Block Join
Alter-natives nursery

Protection of young native trees in a nursery. Including pohutakawa, coprosma and podocarps. Also fruit trees. 

Amblethorn Kahikatea Restoration

Kahihatea and wetland restoration

Ambury Regional Park Join
Anakiwa Outward Bound Trapping Program

A trapping programme for rats, stoats and possums has been established for many years at the Outward Bound School. 

Anderson Park Pest Control Project Join
Anewa Trust Monitoring Line Join
Anglers Lodge

Predator Free NZ Holiday Park

Anns Project

2 rat traps on edge of woodland in garden in Ngunguru

Aongatete Forest Project Join
Aorangi Restoration Project Join
Araheke Riparian Join
Arapaoa Kiwi Join
Ararira-LII Trapping Project

Lincoln High School students are using GoodNature A24 traps on private land beside the Ararira-LII River.
The Ararira-LII is a spring fed tributary which flows into Te Waihora /Lake Ellesmere.

Aratoro Wildlife Restoration Project

A community based initiative started by Asher Wallace, Director of Apex Predator Control Limited (where the well-being of your Ngahere is a easy as APC) aka The Cheeky Plucker with a solid vision of working alongside Iwi, NRC, DOC, landowners, environmental departments, Kiwi Coast, Kiwi's for Kiw

Arcadia Reserve Predator Control

Rat and Possum control under a pulsing (4x a year) system.

Arch Hill Scenic Reserve Join
Arethusa Pest Control

Making Arethusa a safe place for the many important birds that live here. Including Bittern and Spotless Crake

Aroha Island

Aroha Island is a 12ha sanctuary in the Kerikeri Inlet and is a short 12km drive north east of Kerikeri, in the stunning Bay of Islands. A causeway links the island to the mainland, providing permanent and convenient vehicle access.

Arthurs Point, Queenstown

One Tims trap for possums.
One DOC 200 box trap for stoats, etc

Asheley next door neighour murray"s run off Join
Ashworth Beach Ponds

a trapping programme in its infancy, aming to protect a bird nesting and feeding ground

Aspiring Biodiversity Trust

Protection & enhancement of endemic biodiversity in the Makarore and Wilkin (Otanenui) catchments