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Arch Hill Scenic Reserve Join
Arethusa Pest Control

Making Arethusa a safe place for the many important birds that live here. Including Bittern and Spotless Crake

Aroha Island

Aroha Island is a 12ha sanctuary in the Kerikeri Inlet and is a short 12km drive north east of Kerikeri, in the stunning Bay of Islands. A causeway links the island to the mainland, providing permanent and convenient vehicle access.

Arthurs Point, Queenstown

One Tims trap for possums.
One DOC 200 box trap for stoats, etc

Asheley next door neighour murray"s run off Join
Ashworth Beach Ponds

a trapping programme in its infancy, aming to protect a bird nesting and feeding ground

Atawai Join
Atiwhakatu Valley Trapping Project

Deploying Good Nature A24 traps to control rats and mice, over an area hopefully to reach 1,000 hectares.

Atticus Join
Avery Road Join
Avondale Join
Awakura - Red River

A12 traps at Awakura

Awamoa Orchard Join
Awarua Conservation Trust Join
Awaruku Bush Reserve Join
Awaruku Wetland

Awaruku Wetland, Long Bay is a wetland that is newly established as part of the Long Bay residential development. This habitat creation is home to many coastal and wetland birds and we hope to increase their number and diversity.

Awhitu North Join
Awhitu Peninsula Doc200 Project

Community Doc200 trapping project

Awhitu Regional Park Join
Ayrlies Biodiversity Project Join
BHCT Ocean Beach Road boundary

An intensive predator control and surveilence boundary line to further protect the BHSR from invasion of unwanted mamalian predators.

BHMET - Awarua Harbour Islands & Tiwai Foreshore

Location: Joeys Island - Ka Kau Tapapa (Managed by Invercargill City Council), Predator Control Project for BHMET

BHMET - Bluff Motupohue

Motupohue Scenic Reserve - Department of Conservation - Predator Control Project for BHMET Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 Part 6 and Part 7.

BHMET - Green Point Domain Reserve ICC

Land owners: Invercargill City Council - Predator Control Project for BHMET . Location: 5.2km north of Bluff Township on Bluff Highway

BHSR Buffer Join