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2040 test

A test project to test the integration with the Cacophony Project

21 Brookview Heights

Lifestyle Block --- 1Ha

223 Ahu Ahu Rd Join
229 Devich Rd

Lifestyle block

23 Messenger Road Pest Control Join
230 Korito Road Join
233 Raynes Join
24 Blackburne Road, Te Horo Join
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26 Marine Drive Diamond Harbour

Backyard trapping and 26 Marine Drive, Diamond Harbour

Evaluating site for a bigger project

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2708 Coast Rd

Backyard project.

2762 Kaipara Coast Highway

Pest control block managed by AgriPest NZ

28 Cresswell Ave Join
28 Griggs Road Whitford Join
282 Monmouth Join
286 Masters Road Join
298 Otonga-Marua Rd

Trapping rodents, mustelids, cats and possums to protect bird life

29a Gordons road Join
2A Join
2G2 Block Join
30 Long View Crescent Join
306 Woodside Rd Join